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Do you often use Ubersuggest to find keywords or did someone recommended you to try it out? Great choice! It is, in fact, useful keyword research tool that uses Google autocomplete to produce very good keyword ideas.

But let's be honest, if you have used Ubersuggest before, probably you wished that it would be a bit better. Quite often Ubersuggest is down or does not suggest any keywords due to the Google API error. This usually happens because Ubersuggest script is using an unofficial Google API that might be unreliable.

Ubersuggest has many ads that could be very annoying and a bit old school design. All these factors make people search for tools that are similar to Ubersuggest but do a better job at finding keywords and are easier to use. Tools that produce relevant keywords just like Ubersuggest does but are more reliable, have clean and easy to understand design, offer additional features, etc. There are in fact several alternatives to Ubersuggest, but most of them have the same problems as Ubersuggest does.

Luckily, now you have stumbled upon Keyword Tool that provides relevant keywords similar to Ubersuggest but is much better in many ways and here is why.

Keyword Tool Gives On Average 2 Times More Suggestions For Every Keyword In Comparison To Ubersuggest

Do you know how does Ubersuggest work? It is actually pretty simple, it takes your seed keyword and plugs it into Google search box. Then it appends it with different letters and numbers. As a result, Google autocomplete produces different keyword ideas, Ubersuggest takes them and presents them to you.

Keyword Tool is using the same principle, but it goes further than that. It does not only put different symbols after your seed keyword to generate suggestions, it also puts them before your seed keyword. It works very well, this method allows Keyword Tool to produce on average two times more keywords than Ubersuggest for every search.

Keyword Tool Is Extremely Reliable And Uses Superior Technology

Usually, people get frustrated when they see Ubersuggest errors as it directly impacts their productivity. With Keyword Tool, you will never have such issues. Our team works around the clock and we are extremely dedicated to keep the service working 24/7.

We guarantee more than 99.99% uptime. This means that your work will never have to wait because your keyword research tool is down. We are very serious about performance and are constantly working on making Keyword Tool faster, more useful, user-friendly, and reliable.

Keyword Tool Helps You To Find Better Keywords Faster Offering Great Features

We don't just provide you with more keywords that Ubersuggest in better interface, we actually help you get much more out of Google autocomplete. You can generate a more relevant list of keywords by using negative keywords feature that we offer, or by using "_" in your search query. In addition to that, Keyword Tool fully supports 192 countries and 83 languages.

The best part is that all abovementioned functionality is absolutely free. You will never find any ads on our website. To be able to maintain the free service we offer paid subscriptions - Keyword Tool Pro and Keyword Tool API, that give access to the additional functionality.

Still not convinced? Take Keyword Tool a test drive and see for yourself! It's free, and we are sure, that you will like it just like millions of other professionals from 200+ countries that have already incorporated Keyword Tool in their daily workflow.