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Pinterest Keyword Research Tool And Planner

Are you looking for Pinterest keyword ideas to increase your Pinterest audience reach and engagement? You are in the right place!

By finding and using the right keywords that are popular on Pinterest, you will reach a bigger organic audience and make your boards and Pins more popular!

Pinterest keyword research tool made by Keyword Tool will help you to find great keywords for Pinterest. In return, the right keywords will help your pictures, images, and videos to reach more people on the platform and achieve the results you are aiming for!

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Best Source Of Pinterest Keyword Ideas

Our Pinterest Keyword Planner uses the best source of Pinterest keywords available today to provide you the best keyword ideas. We get keywords from Pinterest itself!

You have likely noticed that every time you search Pinterest, you see the dropdown with keyword suggestions. These suggestions, curated by Pinterest search algorithms, help their search engine surface the best Pins and boards. In addition to that, these are the most popular and relevant keywords for Pinterest.

Pinterest engineers are working relentlessly to improve the quality of their autocomplete suggestions. Search suggestions make it easier for people to use the Pinterest platform. Our Pinterest keyword generator will help you get these valuable keywords in bulk and use them for keyword optimization of your Pins.

Keyword Tool's Pinterest keyword finder does not keep the static database of keywords. It is continuously updating it in real-time! When you search on Keyword Tool, we pull the keywords directly from Pinterest at the very same moment.

This way, we make sure that you get only fresh, up-to-date, relevant keywords for your Pinterest content.

How To Do Pinterest Keyword Research And Targeting with Keyword Tool?

Keyword Tool makes it very easy to find great keywords for your Pinterest images and videos. You need to simply put a seed keyword in and click on the search button to use it.

Seed keyword can generally describe the topic of your keyword research. For example, if you are looking for Pinterest keyword ideas for house decor Pins, you can use seed keywords such as "room decor", "kitchen ideas", or "living room".

Keyword Tool will take your seed keyword and use the Pinterest search autocomplete function to generate keyword ideas. We do it by placing your seed keyword in the Pinterest search box and adding different letters and numbers before and after your search term. It makes Pinterest autocomplete generate many keyword ideas that are related to your seed term.

We take all the generated keyword ideas and present them to you. The whole process happens very fast! In seconds, you will see a great keyword list ready to be used for your Pins!

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How To Find Pinterest Keyword Search Volume?

After seeing hundreds of generated keywords that come directly from Pinterest autocomplete, you might be puzzled, trying to figure out which keywords to focus on first? Here is where the search volume comes into play. Search volume is the metric that shows how many times people are searching for a particular keyword in a given month.

Unfortunately, Pinterest itself does not reveal search volume for keywords on its platform. That's why Keyword Tool is using third-party data providers to provide accurate search volume estimates for Pinterest keyword suggestions.

You might see search volume for some Pinterest keywords in the free version of Keyword Tool. But we advise you to subscribe to Keyword Tool Pro to see the full data that we have available for Pinterest keywords.

With Keyword Tool Pro, you will be able to sort and filter keywords using their search volume and other useful metrics. On top of that, you will be able to check the search volume for your list of keywords in bulk and much more!

Give Keyword Tool Pro a try today!

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