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Google Trends Helps To Understand What People Search On The Web

Did you ever wonder what people search for on Google and how does it change over time? Well, Google Trends is a very valuable instrument that will help you to do it. It shows how relative interest for any given keyword was changing starting from 2004.

Google Trends is very easy to use and sometimes gives interesting insights into keyword popularity and media coverage of the topic. For example, below is the graph that shows how interest in "Nobel Prize" search term has changed over the years and gives insights into its seasonal popularity.

Another great feature of Google Trends is that it allows comparing the relative popularity of the several keywords. For example, the graph below demonstrates that search term "Oscars" is much more popular than "Nobel Prize" among people that use Google search.

Besides giving great insights into the seasonality of searches, Google Trends lets you see the regional interest for the search terms. Below you can see in which countries search terms "Nobel Prize" and "Oscars" are the most and the least popular.

In 2008, Google introduced a product called Google Insights for Search which was showing the trending searches in particular geographical areas. Later, this product became the part of Google Trends. Nowadays, Google Trends shows the breakdown of the most popular and trending keywords at a given time on Google search in various countries.

Google Trends For Keyword And Marketing Research

Google Trends is a wonderful instrument that helps to understand the trending topics on Google. It gives the insights into what keyword searches are currently trending or were trending during a certain period of time on Google search. Many marketers, webmasters, and other professionals are using it to understand their audience better.

Since the search on Google is mostly performed by typing keywords into the Google search bar, Google Trends revolves around keywords. Google Trends showcases the popularity of keywords and helps to understand how it changes over time. It also suggests some related keywords that compliment an original query.

All these features make Google Trends a quite valuable tool for keyword research.

You can simply plug in any keyword into Google Trends and see how its popularity was changing over time. It's also possible to compare a few keywords and see their relative popularity.

However, Google Trends has some big disadvantages that make many professionals use other tools, to understand what people are searching for on Google.

The biggest disadvantage of Google Trends is that it doesn't provide the exact search volume numbers for keywords. Unfortunately, it only allows estimating the relative popularity of keywords and does not provide precise search volume data. This makes it virtually impossible to understand the actual popularity of a keyword using Google Trends.

Another important feature that Google Trends is missing is the ability to see the big number of related keywords that surround the main topic of your keyword research. In most cases, Google Trends will recommend very obvious and small number of keywords that are somehow connected to the main term, which doesn't offer much help to the people that do extensive keyword research.

Keyword Tool - The Best Alternative To Google Trends

Unlike Google Trends, Keyword Tool helps to find hundreds, sometimes even thousands of keywords that people search for on Google about a particular topic. It is done by pulling keyword suggestions from the Google autocomplete.

Keyword Tool takes a seed keyword, puts it into Google autocomplete, appends and prepends it with different letters and numbers. That way, it can generate hundreds of relevant keyword suggestions in seconds.

It goes even further, by offering very accurate search volume data inside Keyword Tool Pro. Not only it shows monthly average search volume for a keyword, but it also allows to see how does search volume of a keyword change during a year. It provides the exact search volume numbers for the preceding 12 months for the keywords.

Nowadays, Keyword Tool is used by thousands of digital marketing professionals from over 200 countries around the world. Please give it a try yourself to see how you can use the valuable data it provides for your marketing or keyword research.