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Want to skyrocket your subscribers and boost those YouTube views?

Incorrect keywords = No visibility in search results = No views = No subscribers = 😔

Putting out great videos but still not getting any views? Then you must not be optimizing your videos for the right keywords.

The key to your success on YouTube is Keywords! Without targeting the right keywords, your awesome videos won’t be watched by the public.

Keyword Tool Pro shows you the exact search volume of a keyword over the past 12 months so you can make an extremely informed decision of whether to optimize your video around it or not.

If the trend is increasing, then it's an excellent keyword to target and there are high chances of your video performing excellently!

Notice the views the videos have after correctly optimizing for the keyword, "Pinterest for business", which has over 20,000 monthly search volume on YouTube.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good targeted Keyword!


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forbes ri DMI Get Keyword Tool Pro

30-Day money-back guarantee, no questions asked

Get EXACT YouTube keyword search volumes, no more estimates!

With Keyword Tool Pro, you’ll get to know EXACTLY how many people are searching for a particular keyword each month. No more vague ranges that will keep you guessing whether or not the keyword is actually popular!

Knowing the precise search volume of keywords will give you an insight of whether your audience wants to see this type of content or not!

This in turn will ensure the success of your new video, since you'll already know that it's an in-demand video!

In addition to comprehensive keyword data, Keyword Tool Pro offers a handful of other useful features that will help you to filter, sort, and export the list of generated keyword results.

You will be able to carefully select keywords to come up with the topics for your new videos, and optimize your existing videos with relevant titles, descriptions, and YouTube tags.

how to get more youtube views

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Keyword Tool Pro: The road to MEGA YouTube fame and riches

What if we told you the ONLY thing standing between you and YouTube success are keywords?

Keywords are often ignored on YouTube, yet they are the ones that have the HIGHEST chances of bringing you fame.

Now ask yourself, are you leveraging your keywords properly? Even if you answered yes, you still aren’t leveraging them 100%. It’s because no other YouTube keyword tool provides you with the EXACT search volumes AND trends that are a MUST in deciding which keywords to use.

What sets us apart is that we don’t give you a search volume range, we give you the hard facts, backed up with real data like the search trends!

So, are you ready to invest in your YouTube career?

The Next Web

The Next Web

Youtube Keyword Tool will help you find keywords that people use while searching on YouTube so that you choose video captions and the tags that are most likely to attract viewers.

Do you know you can access 1000s of keywords across multiple search engines, including Google, Amazon, and YouTube with Keyword Tool Pro?

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Keyword Tool Pro Uses The Most Relevant Source Of YouTube Keywords Available Today

Keyword Tool uses YouTube autocomplete to get valuable keywords.

To help you understand what people are searching for on YouTube, Keyword Tool Pro uses the YouTube autocomplete feature, which is based on the most popular and trending searches.

Whenever you make a search on YouTube, you will see a list of popular, related keywords appear underneath the search box. Our technical insights let us pull up to 20 keyword suggestions from YouTube autocomplete for a single search term.

Most likely, you will never be able to discover these hidden keywords that Keyword Tool Pro will help you to find using other keyword research tools or by making searches yourself on YouTube.

To generate keywords from the autocomplete, Keyword Tool Pro puts different letters and numbers before and after your seed keyword, places them into the YouTube search box and pulls out the suggestions.

As a result, you will get a long list of related keywords that you can use for your videos.

Discover HIDDEN content opportunities!

Want to create content that sets you apart from your competition? Well, this is it. Keyword Tool Pro is your solution.

A key component of keyword research is identifying long-tail keyword opportunities.

They are long keyword phrases that THOUSANDS of people are searching for but are often neglected by YouTube creators, because they don’t have the resources to find and use them. The same resources that you can have access to RIGHT NOW!

These are the keywords that can potentially bring in thousands of viewers to your videos and kickstart your success journey. What are you waiting for?

discover hidden content opportunities

Why Choose Keyword Tool Pro

Established in 2014, Keyword Tool has quickly grown into one of the world's most popular keyword research tools, helping millions of marketers from over 190 countries! Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small-medium enterprises and marketing agencies to startups.

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30-Day money-back guarantee, no questions asked

NEVER run out of YouTube content ideas again!

never run out of YouTube content ideas again Keyword Tool suggests other popular terms related to your query.

Ever scratched your head and wondered for hours what content you should create for your YouTube channel? It’s okay, we’ve all been there!

We’re happy to tell you that this is just another problem that Keyword Tool Pro is going to solve for you! It just doesn’t tell you the monthly search volumes and trends, but it also tells you other popular terms people are searching for in your niche!

Keyword Tool Pro is a goldmine of unique and popular ideas for YouTubers. It’s also a great way of setting yourself apart from your competitors and creating unique and helpful content that people are searching for!

These hidden keyword opportunities can play a HUGE role in your success. Creating content on hidden keywords with high search volumes is a guaranteed way to land in YouTube search results and get thousands of views and subscribers.

Create Videos that you KNOW your audience wants!

Doesn’t it sound like a YouTuber’s dream come true? To create videos that you’re confident your audience wants to see?

No more second-guessing whether you should create a video or not. No more being disappointed when a video you had hoped would perform exceptionally well, fails. And no more shooting arrows in the dark with closed eyes, hoping at least ONE would hit close to the mark.

Well, with Keyword Tool Pro, you’ll be able to create videos that will hit the bullseye EVERY time. With so much real data and numbers at your disposal, it’s hard to go wrong with coming up with video content for your audience that you KNOW will perform well.

create videos that you know your audience wants

Keyword Tool Pro is the only thing standing between you and your YouTube success

We desperately want to see you be successful in your YouTube career. This is why we have put so much thought into creating the perfect and most accurate YouTube keyword tool for you. It’s truly a one-stop solution to all your YouTube problems.

Let’s recap how Keyword Tool Pro can change your life:

  • Rather than wasting time brainstorming video ideas, utilize the same precious time on creating engaging videos.
  • Creating content you know your audience wants to see.
  • Optimizing your videos around popular keywords to increase video impressions.
  • Ranking in search results and getting free traffic from there.
  • Having your videos show up in suggested videos because of how popular they are.
  • Getting thousands of views and subscribers without spending a dime on marketing.
  • Getting monetized and earning a sizeable passive income just from YouTube Ads.
  • Getting the recognition you deserve along with sponsorships and PRs.
  • Getting hundreds of leads and clients for free with your video content.
  • Establishing a multi-income stream and 24/7 marketing channel for free.

Did we mention that Keyword Tool Pro doesn’t just give access to YouTube, but also to Google, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter and so much more! This membership is packed with valuable REAL information that could make or break your business.

Plus, if you don’t like it, you can ask for your money back within 30 days, and we’ll refund it to you. No questions asked.

So the question is, are you ready to take the leap and invest in your future?

Let's do it!

"Great tool to get keyword suggestion data along with monthly search volumes FAST - Ability to get question-based queries easily for content ideas as well."

Jason Mun, Bespoke Agency

" is great for discovering variations of keywords to built content around. Frequently, I use this the most for developing content. I will use the tool to pull in a lot of keywords related to a theme and group them into relevant topics."

Geoff Kenyon,

"I use Keyword Tool to identify more long-tail variants of keywords. SEO has moved on from just targeting an exact-match, vanity keyword, you've got to build long-tail context around such term."

Luke Monaghan, Koozai

"In a world with 1 billion SEO tools, Keyword Tool Pro is the only one that I absolutely use every day. Honing in on the perfect wording when targeting the biggest keywords in entertainment is as essential to my job as my coffee mug."

Matt Albrecht, SEO Specialist, Billboard & Hollywood Reporter

Here's What You Get With Keyword Tool Pro

  • Uncover hidden keywords with 2 times more keywords generated for every search in comparison to the free version
  • Accurate YouTube search volume estimates so you can focus on important keywords
  • Level of competition on Google Ads to see what keywords advertisers are bidding for
  • Suggested bid on Google Ads
  • Easily export all the data into Excel or a CSV file
  • Ability to sort and filter keywords by any parameter
  • Access to Keyword Tool Pro features for 5 other supported search engines

YouTube keyword tool Preview of Keyword Tool Pro search results

Fast Customer Support

Our team works around the clock, and we pride ourselves in being able to answer most of the questions quite fast. If you need any assistance, please use the contact form to ask your questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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