Find Popular Keywords That Your Competitors Have No Idea About

Discover Thousands Of Keywords Hidden By Google Keyword Planner And Evaluate Them Using Search Volume, Competition Level Or Cost-Per-Click Data

Google Keyword Planner Hides Valuable Keywords That Keyword Tool Pro Reveals

Google Keyword Planner finds no results for the query "how to". Settings: United States, English, Avg. monthly searches ≥ 100.

Do you need to find keywords relevant to your website that will have high search volume and little competition? Keywords that would bring to your website real visitors that are interested in your content, products or services? Keywords that have not been discovered by your competitors yet and would be easy to rank for?

Honestly, it might be hard to find great keywords using Google Keyword Planner or other conventional keyword research tools that are available today. The truth is that 90% of the keyword research tools are using exactly the same set of keywords that is pulled from Google Keyword Planner. And most likely your competitors are already trying hard to rank for those easy-to-find keywords that show up on Google Keyword Planner.

AdWords is omitting data to bias advertisers toward certain keywords. - Rand Fishkin, Founder of
Keyword Tool finds over 1,300 keywords for the query "how to" with decent search volume.

Imagine for a second, how frustrating it is to compile the list of keywords only to realize that they are extremely competitive. In other words, the keywords you have spent time to find are really difficult to rank for.

Most websites today are targeting the same, fairly limited set of keywords that comes from Google Keyword Planner. Fortunately, there is a simple way to get ahead of your competitors and find extremely relevant, popular keywords with low competition that are used by real people to find information online.

The good news is that Google Keyword Planner does not show all the popular keywords out there. It hides an enormous number of relevant, lucrative keywords. And there is an easy way to discover these great keywords.

Backlinko is an awesome tool that's PERFECT for generating long tail keyword ideas. - "Keyword Research: The Definitive Guide", Brian Dean

Keyword Tool Uses Autocomplete To Get Keywords That Are Hidden In Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Tool Pro gets 20 keyword suggestions from Google Autocomplete for a single search query.

Most search engines, including Google, have a feature called Autocomplete. Everyone who searches for something online uses it every day. Usually, only the most popular and relevant keywords make their way into the Autocomplete. That is why many of the world's best digital marketing experts agree that it is an incredibly precious source of keyword ideas.

We have found a way to get great relevant keywords that are often hidden in Google Keyword Planner using the Autocomplete feature of Google and other search engines. Our technical insights allow us to dig deep into the Autocomplete of various search engines and extract extremely useful keywords.

Google's Search Suggest is a wondrous feature. Not only does it save humans beings around the planet millions of key entries each day, it's also a phenomenal keyword research tool for marketers. - Rand Fishkin, Founder of
Keyword Tool uses YouTube autocomplete to get valuable keywords.

While the free version of Keyword Tool provides only up to 10 autocomplete suggestions for a single search term, Keyword Tool Pro will give up to 20 keywords for one search term on Google and YouTube, 25 keywords on Bing, 10 keywords on Amazon, 10 keywords on eBay, and 50 keywords on the App Store. Which means that you will get on average two times more keyword suggestions for every search that you make using Keyword Tool Pro.

These additional keywords, which are only available from Keyword Tool Pro, are keywords that you most likely will never find using other keyword research tools or Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword Tool Pro will help you to discover profitable keywords with high search volume and low competition. The keywords, that your competitors will never be able to find by using Google Autocomplete web interface, Google Keyword Planner or other free and paid keyword research tools.

Autocomplete predictions are automatically generated by an algorithm without any human involvement, based on a number of objective factors, including how often past users have searched for a term. - Google Help

"Keyword Tool Pro helps our team identify long-tail keyword opportunities. It gives us great insight into keyword targeting and content topic opportunities that drive qualified and high converting traffic."

Bill Wilkinson, Director of SEO, Power Digital Marketing

" really helps us not just during the keyword research but also in pitching potential customers. We clearly show them what keywords they are missing on in their PPC and SEO."

Altan Çolak, Founder & CEO, Sempeak

"In the last 3 years, Keyword Tool Pro has become a crucial part of my content marketing & SEO toolkit. I use it to refine my posts angles to match relevant search intent, discover mid- to long-tail keyword opportunities, and do effective search volume data crunching when I handle bigger lists of keywords."

Francois Lanthier Nadeau, Content & Growth, Snipcart

"In a world with 1 billion SEO tools, Keyword Tool Pro is the only one that I absolutely use every day. Honing in on the perfect wording when targeting the biggest keywords in entertainment is as essential to my job as my coffee mug."

Matt Albrecht, SEO Specialist, Billboard & Hollywood Reporter

Keyword Tool Pro Is Designed To Save Your Time


You can use Google itself to source topics, just by entering the phrase and seeing what related phrases are suggested. It's a time consuming process, but you can also use a tool like to do it all at once. It's a goldmine of ideas for content marketers. - Unbounce Blog

Search Engine Journal provides plenty of insights based on the autocomplete function in Google search. You'll be presented with many long-tail queries that you won't find in Google's Keyword Planner. Use the Keyword Tool for SEO, content creation and PPC. - Search Engine Journal

Keyword Tool Pro will not only give you keywords that are hidden from everyone else but will also provide you with necessary data to sort and rank the newly discovered keywords. You will be able to see how often people search for a keyword on Google (Search Volume), how competitive (AdWords Competition), and lucrative (CPC) the keywords are.

Keyword Tool Pro is designed to save your time. It works remarkably fast and has a handful of other useful features. You will be able to sort and filter keywords by their search volume, competition level, and cost-per-click data. In addition to that, Keyword Tool Pro will show you how search volume for a keyword has changed over the last 12 months and will let you export all the data into Excel or CSV file.

Here Is What Famous Publications, Digital Marketing And SEO Experts Say About Keyword Tool

Forbes is another tool used by many leading SEO's to find long-tail and related keywords. Relying on Google's autocomplete feature, it gives you quick access to popular search terms that you may not think to search for in Google's Keyword Planner. While you can also manually plug keywords into autocomplete to find related terms, this tool will save you a ton of time by helping automate the process. - "The Startup's Guide to Doing Keyword Research Like The Pros", Forbes

SEMrush is another fantastic tool that you can use to uncover a boat load of long tail keywords. - "6 Ways To Uncover Profitable Long Tail Keywords", SEMrush Blog

Ahrefs is extremely fast, and offers accurate search volume data + CPC values for the keyword suggestions. - "Pro Keyword Research For Content", Ahrefs Blog

Using Keyword Tool Pro You Will Be Able To Get:

  • Up to 1,440+ keywords from Google and YouTube, 1,900+ from Bing, 760+ from Amazon, 760+ from eBay, 3,800+ from App Store returned for a single search.
  • On average 2x more keywords than in free version
  • 100% accurate Google search volume that can be localized to 192 countries, 44,051 individual locations and 43 languages
  • Level of competition on Google AdWords
  • Suggested bid on Google AdWords
  • Ability to export all the data into Excel or a CSV file
  • Ability to sort and filter keywords by any parameter

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Yes, Keyword Tool Pro fully supports all countries and languages supported by Google.

  2. Yes, you will get an official invoice after every payment that you make.

  3. One regular Keyword Tool Pro account can be used by three people at the same time. However, we can create a custom account to tailor your needs, please contact us if this is something that you would require.

  4. Yes, please contact us and we will find a solution for you.

  5. Unfortunately, we do not offer free trials. At the same time, we provide 30-day money back guarantee. It means that you can use the tool for 30 days and ask for a refund if you are not happy with it.

  6. Yes, it is really simple. You can do it yourself in your Keyword Tool account, or you can email us to cancel your subscription at any time.

  7. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express debit and credit cards. You will be charged for the first month or year of your subscription immediately depending on the billing cycle that you choose. The subscription fee will be subsequently charged once a month or a year. All payments are processed by Braintree (a PayPal company) or Stripe, some of the world's most trusted and popular payment service providers today.

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