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Keyword Tool Uses Google Suggest Feature To Generate Keywords

What Is Google Suggest And How Does It Work?

Google Suggest is the feature of Google search. It was introduced in 2007 and quickly became the core part of Google search. Basically, every time a new search is performed on Google, many things are going behind the scenes.

The sophisticated Google algorithm attempts to suggest the best matching search queries for the entered term. Suggested keywords appear under the search box. Generally, you will see 3 - 5 suggestions, sometimes however 10 suggestions are displayed.

A user that is performing the search can click on any keyword from the list and immediately see the search results page. This experience is both fast and convenient.

Google Suggest For Keyword Research

Google suggest significantly speeds up the search process and certainly makes search experience much better. But besides the core utility of Google Suggest it also has many other uses.

For example, according to Google:

Autocomplete predictions are automatically generated by an algorithm without any human involvement based on a number of objective factors, including how often past users have searched for a term.

The fact that it is fully automated and works without any human involvement makes Google autocomplete an excellent source of keyword ideas. Quite often the new topics that are gaining popularity on Google will start showing up in the autocomplete even before appearing in trending searches on Google Trends. There are many tools that scrape Google Suggest to get keywords. However, the best one by far is Keyword Tool, and you can test it for yourself right now.

Keyword Tool As Google Suggest Scraper

It is mundane and time-consuming process to copy keywords manually from of Google suggest box. That is why the tools like Keyword Tool come in handy. To use it just put any keyword into the search box of Keyword Tool and press enter.

Keyword Tool will then take your keyword, and plug it into Google search box. It will pull autocomplete suggestions and present them to you in a clean format. To get a higher number of keyword suggestions, Keyword Tool will append and prepend your seed keyword with various letters and numbers. That way it can generate hundreds of suggested keywords for a single search term in seconds.

Google Suggest And Autocomplete API

Google does not want people to programmatically pull its autocomplete suggestions. However, by using Keyword Tool API, it is possible to get this data without any restrictions. Our API provides Google Autocomplete keywords from all regions and countries and enables you to get over a million of keywords from Google Suggest per day.