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A Fast And Reliable Way To Get Accurate Search Volume Data And Keyword Suggestions For Millions Of Keywords

Keyword Tool API is the trusted data solution for software companies, marketing agencies and businesses that work with keyword and search volume data on a large scale.

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Need A Data Solution For Large-Scale Keyword Research And Search Volume Analyses?

Do you struggle with finding a scalable, fast, and reliable API provider for search volume and keywords?

Or perhaps spend too much time doing keyword research manually, costing your business lots of time, money and resources. Resources which can be better spent growing the business.

Keyword Tool API will help you to automate and radically speed up your keyword research process.

We are able to provide accurate search volume and keyword suggestions for millions of keywords, on-demand.

With Keyword Tool API, you will get full access to keyword data from the autocomplete of Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

You will be able to extract this data programmatically, or through simple scripts or formulas in Google Spreadsheets and Excel.

Google how to
Autocomplete is a reliable source of relevant, long-tail keywords.

Data You Get With Keyword Tool API

Keyword Tool API provides fast, reliable, and scalable search volume data for various search engines and keyword suggestion data for up to millions of keywords. Find out more about what makes our API so unique.

  1. 100% Accurate Google And Bing Search Volume

    If you have a long list of keywords and need to analyze, you can get accurate Search Volume, Cost-Per-Click (CPC), and Google/Bing Ads Competition (CMP) data for it easily using Keyword Tool API. The search volume is exactly what you would get in Google Keyword Planner and Bing Keyword Planner.

    Simply make an API request, specify location and language targeting, and receive data quickly in JSON or XML format. A single API request can return search volume data for up to 800 keywords. Which means you can process a long list of keywords very fast.

    Keyword Tool offers precise geographic and language targeting for Search Volume data. Using the API, you will be able to get Google Search Volume data for keywords in 192 countries, 50,236 individual locations and 46 languages and Bing Search Volume data for keywords in 6 countries, 31,052 individual locations, and 3 languages.

    For example, the following API request will show how many people searched for "apple" and "iphone" in San Diego, California, United States on Google over the last 12 months:[API_KEY]&keyword=["apple","iphone"]&metrics_location=9057154&metrics_language=en&output=json
    Keyword suggestions screenshot
    Get 100% accurate Google and Bing search volume in JSON/XML format via API.

  2. Reliable, Estimated Search Volume For YouTube, Amazon, And eBay

    Keyword Tool API also gives you reliable and trustworthy search volume estimates for YouTube, Amazon, and eBay. We use clickstream data to provide search volume estimations for keywords across the world's most popular search engines.

    For example, the following API request will show how many people searched for "fortnite" and "iphone" in the United Kingdom over YouTube the last 12 months:[API_KEY]&keyword=["fortnite","iphone"]&country=GB&metrics_language=en&output=json
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    eBay logo

  3. Get Access To Millions Of Keyword Suggestions From Autocomplete

    In addition to pulling the Search Volume data, with Keyword Tool API you will be able to generate thousands of the relevant long-tail keywords from Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest autocomplete.

    The API provides 2 times more keyword suggestions than the free Keyword Tool web application in a single API request. Which means, with a single API request you will be able to generate over 1,400 keyword suggestions from Google autocomplete in seconds!

    Besides that, keyword suggestions will come with precise Search Volume data. Search Volume, Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Google Ads Competition (CMP) data can be easily localized to any country, city or language. 192 countries, 50,236 individual locations, and 46 languages are supported for Google and 6 countries, 31,052 individual locations, and 3 languages are supported for Bing.

    For example, this API request will show you Google autocomplete keyword suggestions for "iphone", with search volumes for the keywords in San Diego, California, United States over the last 12 months:[API_KEY]&keyword=iphone&country=us&language=en&output=json
    Search volume screenshot
    Each keyword suggestion comes with search volume data for the last 12 months.

  4. Keyword Suggestions Service - Find Intent-Driven, Long-tail Keywords In Bulk

    The Keyword Tool web interface helps you discover valuable long-tail keywords and intent-driven keywords, under the Related Keywords, Questions and Prepositions tabs.

    Search tabs
    1. Related Keywords are words which are similar or semantically related to your search term. It is a great way to discover new keyword ideas.
    2. Question keywords are question phrases which contain your seed term. Use this to uncover long-tail keyword opportunities and research the commonly asked questions about any topic.
    3. Preposition keywords are keyword phrases used by people with search or commercial intent. It is a great source of high-value keywords.

    Using Keyword Tool API's Keyword Suggestions Service, you can get these valuable keywords in bulk, in a matter of seconds!

    Also, using the Keyword Suggestions Service, you can narrow down your keywords to specific search verticals, depending on the search engine. For example, Google Images, Google News or specific Amazon departments.

    Search verticals

  5. Analyze Competitors Service - Discover Keywords Associated With Any Website

    Finally, using the API's Analyze Competitors Service, you can get an extensive list of keywords associated with your competitors' websites, similar to the Analyze competitors feature in the web interface.

    Analyze Competitors

  6. Accurate Post-Count Data For Instagram Hashtags

    With over 1 billion active users, Instagram has quickly become one of the largest social media platforms on the internet. Keyword Tool API gives you in-depth access to Instagram hashtag autocomplete data as well as Post-count data.

    Post-count tells you how popular a hashtag is on Instagram. Use this data to analyze the hottest, viral and trendy hashtags on Instagram!

    For example, the following API request will give you thousands of hashtag suggestions and their respective post-count data on Instagram:[API_KEY]&keyword=apple&language=en&output=json
    Instagram Hashtags
    Each keyword suggestion comes with search volume data for the last 12 months.

Keyword Tool API Is Ideal For Companies That Work With Large Volumes Of Data

Some of our clients include:

Marketing agencies and consultancies that do keyword research on large-scale

Software companies that need a fast and reliable source of keyword and search volume data

Big data and analytics companies that process numbers and statistics on a daily basis

Keyword Tool API Reviews From Our Customers

Hang Su The Keyword Tool API has been a key value-add for our SEO and content marketing services. It's the same accurate, no-frills keyword data I expect from Keyword Tool, but in an easy-to-use API. Invaluable for programmatic keyword research and large-scale use-cases.
Hang Su, Partner at Mushi Labs
The Keyword Tool API is amazing. Fast responses, accurate data, great documentation - What's not to love?
Simon Lesser, CEO at Dragon Metrics
I have been looking for a way to check search volume of around 30 million keywords a month. I wanted to ensure an easy to use API that's affordable. Keyword Tool API is really easy to use for the development team as well as myself. I was able to easily program a script to check thousand to millions of keywords and save them from JSON to my database without big programming skills. If I had any issues, the Keyword Tool team was very fast and kind with their replies.
Philipp Loew-Albrecht, SEO Consultant at PLAO SEO Consulting

Summary Of Data Provided By Keyword Tool API

Ability to get accurate Google and Bing search volume, ad cost-per-click, and ad competition data for Google and Bing keywords, exact post-count data for Instagram Hashtags, as well as reliable search volume estimates for YouTube, Amazon and eBay keywords

Full access to autocomplete data for Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest

Related keywords for keyword expansion, and the ability to discover long-tail and intent-driven keywords with Questions and Prepositions

Ability to get keywords by specific search verticals, such as Google Images

Ability to analyze any website and get a large list of keywords Google associates with it

Ability to localize Google search volume data to 192 countries, 50,236 individual locations and 46 languages, and Bing Search Volume data to 6 countries, 31,052 individual locations, and 3 languages

Access to easy-to-use, reliable RESTful API with output in JSON or XML format

Test API endpoints for development and usage quota endpoints. Read API Documentation

Data Provided Google YouTube Bing Amazon eBay App Store Play Store Instagram Twitter Pinterest
Keyword Suggestions From Autocomplete
100% Accurate Search Volume Data
Reliable Estimated Search Volume
Hashtag Post-Count Data
Cost-Per-Click Data
Ad Competition Data
Competitor Website Keywords
Related Keywords

Frequently Asked Questions

All Keyword Tool API subscriptions are limited to 10 API requests per minute, the number of API requests that you can make per day depends on the Keyword Tool API plan that you choose.

If you would like to check Search Volume for your list of keywords, you can pass up to 800 keywords in 1 API request.

If you would like to get autocomplete keyword suggestions, you can get up to 1,400+ keywords for Google and YouTube, 1,900+ for Bing, 760+ from Amazon, 760+ from eBay, and 2,000+ from Instagram with a single API request.

If your use case requires custom API limits, please contact us and will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can find Keyword Tool API documentation and code samples right here.

Yes. It is really simple. You can use simple formulas on Google Spreadsheets to pull the data from Keyword Tool API.

We will email you the API key immediately after you complete the payment. And you can start using it right away.

Yes, it is really simple. You can do it yourself in your Keyword Tool account. Alternatively, you can email us to cancel your subscription at any time.

Keyword Tool provides an external API that gives you the keyword suggestions that you would never be able to find in Google Ads. Keyword Tool uses autocomplete data while Google Ads hides valuable keywords that could be found using autocomplete.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express debit and credit cards. You will be charged for the first month or year of your subscription immediately depending on the billing cycle that you choose. The subscription fee will be subsequently charged once a month or a year. All payments are processed by Braintree (a PayPal company) or Stripe, some of the world's most trusted and popular payment service providers today.

Unfortunately, there are no free trials. But you can ask for 100% refund within 30 days after your purchase if you are not satisfied.

Please use the contact form over here. We will reply to all your questions as soon as possible.