Find Keywords That Will Help You Make More Sales On eBay

Keyword Tool Pro Will Help You Understand What People Are Searching For On eBay And Sell More Products

Are you selling products on eBay? Would you like to make more sales? If so, then you would need to make sure that more people are visiting your product pages and that these visit are converting into sales.

Once your product starts gaining popularity, it will be recommended to even more shoppers and will start appearing on top positions for the popular product searches.

The simplest way to get more visits to your eBay product pages and receive more sales is to understand what people are searching for on eBay.

Do you know that there are millions of people that are searching for products that they would like to buy on eBay every single day.

Just think for a second, how many sales and how much money you will make if your product will show up for the popular searches on eBay!

But to make it happen you will need to understand what keywords people are using when searching for products on eBay and make sure that your product listings are optimised for these keywords. Keyword Tool Pro will help you with that.


Forbes is another tool used by many leading SEO's to find long-tail and related keywords. While you can also manually plug keywords into autocomplete to find related terms, this tool will save you a ton of time by helping automate the process.

Keyword Tool Pro Uses The Most Relevant Source Of eBay Keywords Available Today

eBay research tool Keyword Tool uses eBay autocomplete to get valuable keywords.

To help you understand what products people are searching for on eBay, Keyword Tool Pro uses eBay autocomplete feature.

Every time you make a search on eBay, you will see the most popular related keywords appear underneath the search box. Using our technical insights, we manage to pull up to 10 keyword suggestions from eBay autocomplete for a single search term.

To generate keywords from the autocomplete, Keyword Tool Pro puts different letters and numbers before and after your seed keyword, places them into the eBay search box and pulls out the suggestions.

As a result, you will get a long list of related keywords that you can use for your product listings.

Keyword Tool Pro Is Designed To Save Your Time

Keyword Tool Pro will help you to generate on average 2 times more keyword ideas in comparison to the free version. In addition to that, it will help you to immediately discover the most popular keywords for your product listings.

You will be able to see the estimated number of people that are searching for the keyword on eBay and how does the search volume for a keyword changes over a year.

In addition to the search volume, Keyword Tool will provide other useful data for you.

Cost-per-click numbers will let you see how much money advertisers are willing to pay to show their ads when someone is searching for a particular keyword. Google Ads competition metric will help you to understand how competitive the keyword is among advertisers.

In addition to comprehensive keyword data, Keyword Tool Pro offers the handful of other useful features that will help you to filter, sort, and export the list of generated keyword results.

You will be able to use carefully selected keywords to optimize your product listings by using more relevant keywords, product titles and descriptions.



You can use Google itself to source topics, just by entering the phrase and seeing what related phrases are suggested. It's a time consuming process, but you can also use a tool like to do it all at once. It's a goldmine of ideas for content marketers.

"Keyword Tool Pro helps our team identify long-tail keyword opportunities. It gives us great insight into keyword targeting and content topic opportunities that drive qualified and high converting traffic."

Bill Wilkinson, Director of SEO, Power Digital Marketing

" really helps us not just during the keyword research but also in pitching potential customers. We clearly show them what keywords they are missing on in their PPC and SEO."

Altan Çolak, Founder & CEO, Sempeak

"In the last 3 years, Keyword Tool Pro has become a crucial part of my content marketing & SEO toolkit. I use it to refine my posts angles to match relevant search intent, discover mid- to long-tail keyword opportunities, and do effective search volume data crunching when I handle bigger lists of keywords."

Francois Lanthier Nadeau, Content & Growth, Snipcart

"In a world with 1 billion SEO tools, Keyword Tool Pro is the only one that I absolutely use every day. Honing in on the perfect wording when targeting the biggest keywords in entertainment is as essential to my job as my coffee mug."

Matt Albrecht, SEO Specialist, Billboard & Hollywood Reporter

With Keyword Tool Pro You Will Get:

  • 2 times more keywords generated for every search in comparison to the free version
  • Accurate estimated eBay search volume and precise, up-to-date Google search volume data
  • Level of competition on Google Ads
  • Suggested bid on Google Ads
  • Ability to export all the data into Excel or a CSV file
  • Ability to sort and filter keywords by any parameter
  • Access to Keyword Tool Pro features for all the supported search engines

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