Find Great Keywords Using App Store Autocomplete

Keyword Tool For App Store

The App Store Search is used by most people to discover new apps or find apps that they have already heard about. People express their intent by typing into the App Store search box. If you want to help users to find your app using the App Store search, you would need to have app title and description that match the search terms that people are using when searching for similar apps. This tactic will help you to communicate your message clearly and showcase your app to the relevant audience.

Using App Store Optimization (ASO) For Mobile App Marketing

Presenting your app to the right audience is critical. One of the cheapest and most efficient ways to perform mobile app marketing is app store search optimization or as it called by industry experts - ASO. ASO is basically search engine optimization for mobile apps. By performing ASO on your mobile app you are making sure that it will show up for relevant search queries. As a result, you will get more organic impressions and app installs.

The most essential and important part of app store optimization is to find the right topics or keywords that would describe your app and match what your target audience is already searching for.

Finding the right keywords is a very important task. Right keywords can be a real goldmine for your app as it will bring you free installs, while the wrong keywords could keep your app completely buried along millions of other apps that no one is using.

Keyword Tool Helps You To Find Hundreds Of Extremely Relevant Keywords Using The App Store Autocomplete

Fortunately, you do not need to guess your keywords. There is an easy way to find what are the most popular keywords related to the topic of your app. It is App Store suggest that is also known as the autocomplete feature of App Store search.

Keyword Tool helps you do keyword research for your mobile app by using App Store autocomplete. App Store autocomplete is a feature that was created to help users find content on the App Store faster. From a user perspective, it is quite similar to what Google or any other search engine does. When you start typing your query, you will see the list of suggested terms underneath the search box. You can tap on any of those suggestions to quickly perform the search.

We don't know what is the exact logic of the App Store autocomplete algorithm, but without a question, it is the gold mine for keyword research and mobile SEO. By using it, you can find keywords and topics that could drive lots of free organic installs for your app.

How Does Keyword Tool Get Keywords Using The App Store Autocomplete?

Keyword Tool uses the App Store autocomplete to generate keywords based on the query that you specify. It prepends and appends your keyword with different letters and numbers and by doing that, it produces hundreds of keywords that are pulled from search suggest. Keyword Tool allows you to specify the App Store country and language that you want to use to generate keywords.