🟣 Bigger, Better, Faster – Introducing the NEW Keyword Tool! ⚡️

Table Of Contents

  1. What is Keyword Tool?
  2. Unveiling Keyword Tool’s new look!
  3. What’s new at Keyword Tool?
  4. Good news for our API users!
  5. Say hello to even more data
  6. A more advanced user interface
  7. A simplified way of looking up your competitors
  8. That’s a wrap!

What is Keyword Tool? 

Keyword Tool is one of the top keyword research tools for not just Google but also Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, eBay, and much more! In fact, we’ve added more search engines at the same price, so our customers can enjoy an even wider range of services.

New Keyword Tool

We made so many improvements from big to small and are so excited to tell you all about it!

Unveiling Keyword Tool’s new look

The first thing you’ll notice about the new Keyword Tool is the completely revamped theme and design. 

As you can see, the design is sleeker with a vibrant feel to it. We shifted from our iconic red to beautiful purple accents throughout the website. As you browse through the tool, you’ll feel a more responsive and sleeker user experience. 

Keyword tool old version

new keyword tool version

Our team has worked hard to create a simpler user experience while adding new functionalities to ensure our customers get the best experience possible. 

What’s new at Keyword Tool?

There are many new things at Keyword Tool, from design to website performance, to changes in the interface, to new features and use cases! 

But before getting into anything else, let’s talk about the most significant one, which is new search engines! 

New Search Engines! 

We’ve added Pinterest, App Store, and Google Trends to our search engines, making them 11 altogether!

keyword tool for pinterest

This (and other) new addition comes at no extra cost – you get full access to them and other resources.

1. Pinterest

We can regard Pinterest as the biggest visual search engine on the internet. Millions of people use it to find new products to buy, look for helpful content in their industry, or simply browse for ideas.

However, in order to master SEO for Pinterest, you need to know popular keywords that real Pinterest users are using. 

With our new Pinterest search engine, you can find out which keywords these are and other information regarding them. 

To get insights about keywords, just enter them in the Keyword Tool Pinterest search bar, set your location and language, and hit enter! 

pinterest keyword tool

Like other search engines, Pinterest also gives you information on their monthly search volume, related keywords, historical search volume data, competition, and CPC. 

keyword research tool for pinterest

We get Pinterest keyword suggestions from Pinterest autocomplete, which is the most reliable source that tells us what its users are searching for. Hence, you can feel confident that our data is 100% accurate and up-to-date, which makes choosing and prioritizing keywords much more effortless.

By using Keyword Tool for Pinterest consistently, you’ll start ranking at the top in no time!

2. Google Trends

We’re sure that 90% of marketers must have used Google Trends at some point in their careers to check what’s trending or popular at the moment. However, helpful as it is, Google Trends doesn’t have numbers or other data to back up its information. 

To make Keyword Tool the best alternative for Google Trends, we added a monthly search volume of keywords, along with their competition, CPC, and trend over the past 12 months! 

google trends keyword tool

This information, combined with the information provided to you by Google, makes up for a complete package that you need for effective keyword research that actually drives results!

google trend alternative

When it comes to the authenticity of the data presented by Keyword Tool, you’ll be happy to know that we get our keywords directly from Google, so it’s completely reliable and up-to-date!

3. App Store 

Behind every most downloaded app, there are keywords that work together to bring it to the top of the search results so it can get maximum exposure. 

Keywords aren’t just effective on Google, Bing, or other search engines. They are also vital on App Store and Play Store. Since we already have a tool for the Android version, we decided it was time to release one for Apple as well, so here we are! 

Just type in the keyword of your choice in the Keyword Tool App Store search bar and press enter. 

app store keyword tool

With just one click, you’ll have access to hundreds of related keywords and their search volumes, CPCs, trends, and competition! 

keywords for app store

In the true Keyword Tool style, we source our data from the App Store autocomplete, so it will always be reliable and recent! 

Good news for our API users! 

We’ve also extended our API, so now you can get access to new data! The following are the search engines that we’ve added: 

1. Google Trends

The same data that is available in our Keyword Tool search result page is also available in our API. You can see in the screenshot below that you’ll get access to the relative popularity, search volume, trends, competition, and CPC for all the keywords that will be returned to you.

google trends keyword api

Here’s how you can get the same result:


2. Play Store

We know we had this search engine before, but not as a part of API so here it is! You can now get access to Play Store keyword data in bulk.

Sample link:


play store keyword api

3. Twitter

The Twitter API service also gets you the full data available as shown in the image below. You can see that monthly search volume along with historical data, CPC, and competition is available in bulk to be exported by the users.

twitter keyword api

Here’s a sample link to get you started:


4. Pinterest

Our Pinterest API service also follows the same pattern with all the search fields available to our users.

Sample link:


Sample result:

pinterest keyword api

5. App Store

Our App Store search engine is also one of the three completely new search engines that are added to Keyword Tool in our latest version.

Sample link:


Sample result:

app store keyword api

6. Instagram

Our Instagram search engine now returns more data fields, like monthly search volume, CPC, and competition, so you can import that data in bulk too! 

instagram keyword api

Here’s a sample link to test it out yourself:


Overall the changes to our API services are huge which includes 5 new search engines and additional data for Instagram.

Say hello to even more data! 

The above-mentioned search engines aren’t the only resources we added to Keyword Tool. We also improved and added to our existing data to present you with even more insights. 

1. Keyword interest by region 

This feature is available in our Google and YouTube keyword research tool. When you make a query on these tools, you can see an extra slide tab at the bottom of the trends graph. This is where your map is! 

keyword interest by region

According to the region you’ve selected, the country’s map will show you the keyword search interest in different cities, so you’ll know which geographical areas to target. This is a great feature to have on hand while running ads! 

keyword popularity by region

If you’ve chosen ‘global/worldwide’ instead of a country, the map will show you keyword interest by different countries rather than cities. 

2. In-depth Instagram data

Instead of just showing hashtags and the number of posts in the Instagram keyword research tool, the new version of Keyword Tool will show you much more! 

We’ve added monthly search volumes for all the keywords/hashtags in the search results, along with their historical data up to 12 months, competition, and the CPC!

Old version:

instagram hashtag tool

New version:

instagram keyword research tool

So now you get to see the most popular hashtags according to the number of posts and their monthly search volume! The trend feature also makes it easier to plan content as you’ll know when a keyword is the most active! 

3. Check Search Volume 

The ‘check search volume’ feature is one of our most popular features because of how much time and effort it saves! 

For those who are unfamiliar with this feature, let us give you a quick overview. If you ever want to search hundreds of keywords, you don’t need to enter all of them one by one in our tool and see their search volume. Instead, all you have to do is copy and paste them in the ‘check search volume’ search box and get the results for all of them in 1 click rather than a few hundred! 

pinterest check search volume

Because of its popularity, we’ve made this feature available for Instagram, Pinterest, and the App Store as well! This way, all of our clients get to utilize this time-saving feature.  

Just enter your keywords (or hashtags) and your target region and language in any search engine of your choice and press enter.

check search volume for pinterest

As you can see it returned all the requested keywords with the data available and relevant to Pinterest.

gardening keywords for pinterest

With this feature, you won’t have to make a new search for every keyword that you think of or want to target. Instead, you can put them all in one list and get their data in just a single click!

You can also customize your search result by playing around in the settings. This way, you only get to see the results you want without wasting time on other keywords that don’t fulfil your criteria.

keyword tool settings

Before this feature was not available for Instagram, but we made it happen, along with the new Pinterest and App Store search engines!

check search volume for pinterest

A more advanced user interface

Now that we’ve covered all the big changes in Keyword Tool let’s move on to the smaller ones. The following updates on our website are mostly to do with how you use Keyword Tool. So even though they might feel small, they significantly contribute to the simplicity and ease of using Keyword Tool. 

Let’s see what they are. 

1. Keyword Basket 

Here at Keyword Tool, we try to make the lives of our clients as easier as possible. Our brand new tool is a step towards this goal! Just like the ‘check search volume’ feature, ‘keyword basket’ is a considerable time and hassle saver! You can find it at the top of the website. 

keyword basket

When doing in-depth keyword research, you’re likely to search for variations of a keyword multiple times to figure out which ones are the most popular to suit your needs. While doing so, you might find some keywords during each search cycle that you like and want to use. 

Typically, you would copy/export those keywords every time before doing a new search and repeat until you’re satisfied with the number of keywords you have collected. Copying and pasting repeatedly can get a bit tiring and annoying, especially if you’re doing keyword research for hours! 

detailed keyword basket

However, you won’t have to worry about this problem anymore with the keyword basket. All you have to do is add the keywords in the keyword basket. Once you’ve done your keyword research, you can go into your basket, select all the keywords you want to copy/export, and do it in one click! How simple is that? 

  • How to use the keyword basket?

Using the keyword basket is easier than you might think. If you like a keyword and want to add it to your basket, all you have to do is hover over the keyword and click on the basket sign that is displayed right next to it. 

how to use keyword basket

That’s it. The keyword is in the basket! It doesn’t even take a whole second to do it! 

There is a different keyword basket for every search engine, so it’s more organized and easier to use! 

youtube keyword basket

You can add up to 2000 keywords in the basket for each search engine.

2. Separate country and language tabs

In our old version of Keyword Tool, we had the same field for choosing the country and language you wanted to see the results in. Like this: 

country and language setting for keyword tool

In the new version, we split them into 2 separate fields. 

new country and language setting for keyword tool

Doing so allows our clients more combinations to choose from as they are not limited by the variety of country/language combinations available in the previous version. 

3. Remembering your preferences

Often we find ourselves searching for the same keywords in different regions to conduct our keyword analysis. It can get tiresome to enter the same region or language every time for a new keyword. 

But now Keyword Tool remembers up to 3 locations and languages. So the next time you want to target a new place, you won’t have to type it again. It will already be there! 

smart remember feature

You also don’t need to write the exact spelling of the city or country in the field. Keyword Tool will do it for you! It has an auto-predict and smart spelling feature that shows you city and country suggestions even if the spelling is incorrect or incomplete. 

If you want to change your top 3 most recent locations/languages, all you have to do is delete them with the help of the little x right next to them and choose another option. Then Keyword Tool will fill in the space with it.

keyword tool language setting

This feature is just another step to make keyword research faster and more straightforward for our clients- something we’re very dedicated to! 

4. A simplified way of looking up your competitors

Thousands of our clients use the competitor analysis tool to determine what keywords their competitors are ranking for. Hence, it’s essential to let you know that we don’t have a separate tab now as we did in our previous version. 

competitor gap analysis tool

Instead, you can now copy and paste the URL directly into the Google Keyword Tool! You don’t need to click another tab and load a whole other page for it anymore.

content gap analysis

So when we search for keywords based on Forbes website in a particular country, Keyword Tool returns these results.

forbes ranking keywords

There are 1400 keywords, which are…

ranking keywords for forbes

This way you can get vital insight on all your competitors and see how they are getting their clients or traffic from. It’s also a good way to discover more ideas as you and your competitors would be in the same industry, naturally.

5. More copy formats

In our old version, you only had the option of copying in one format. When you used the copy feature, it only copied the keyword itself and no other data. 

old copy formats

In our new version, you have 3 options that you can use. 

You could either, 

  • Just copy the keyword alone, 
  • Copy the keyword along with its monthly search volume, 
  • Or copy the keyword with all the data related to it. 
new keyword tool copy formats

This again gives you more control over how you want your data to be represented and how you want to see/use it. 

6. Faster copying and searching

In our new interface, you can copy, add the keyword to basket, or make a new search for that particular keyword instantly with our hover option.

keyword tool hover options

Before you had to select the keyword and click on the ‘copy/export’ button at the bottom right of the screen to copy or export the keyword.

old version copy export options

However, now you can instantly copy a keyword without even selecting it, making the process much faster and easier!

That’s a wrap! 

We’re constantly working around the clock to provide you with the best services possible, so we really hope you enjoy this new version of Keyword Tool. 

If you have any feedback, questions, or constructive criticism, send them our way at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you immediately! 

Happy keyword hunting! 😊