73+ Trending 🔥 TikTok Hashtags!📈

It’s time to brainstorm ideas on the trending TikTok hashtags, so you can become the next viral TikTok sensation! 

TikTok, which has been attracting social media influencers since 2016, is defining the new dynamics of social media marketing by giving businesses healthy opportunities to brand their products on this popular platform.

tiktok hashtags

But the formula is not so simple! The ground is fierce, and your content might get buried somewhere if you don’t apply an effective strategy. 

One of the strategies implies the use of trending TikTok hashtags. By using trendy hashtags, your videos will appear in relevant search results, giving your profile a nice boost. 

In this article, we will talk about using popular TikTok hashtags along with some interesting insights that you might need to read if you are planning to go viral on TikTok. 

Let’s start! 

Why use popular TikTok hashtags?

TikTok is famous for inspiring trends and motivating viewers. It has a witty, empowering, and compelling environment that encourages participants to use viral hashtags in their feeds. In this way, they explode with millions of likes and views, making them a TikTok sensation overnight. 

Similarly, most brands also join conversations using relevant hashtags to reach audiences that need their products. 

netflix tiktok account

Even Netflix created a TikTok based on the trending TikTok hashtag, #christmas. the video ended up getting almost half a million views and tons of engagement!

netflix tiktok

More significantly, popular hashtags boost a post’s exposure in the “For You” stream, where users spend most of their time searching for unique content. 

If you get lazy with using any hashtags, let alone trending ones, there might be a chance your rival companies will swoop in and take away your target audience.

Top TikTok Hashtag Challenges

With time, brands have recognized the potential of a trendy hashtag and have begun to invest time into thinking of their own branded hashtags.

Just like people would do on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they continue to develop amazing online challenges, urging others to participate, hence creating a buzz around their brand. 

If there is a prize involved, then the company should let their target audience know beforehand. This way, more people will be motivated to execute their challenges. 

Challenge # 1: Ice Bucket Challenge

The ice bucket challenge got the attention of MILLIONS of social media users including celebrities, especially on TikTok by the hashtag #icebucketchallenge. 

@daiyan772 Jose mourinho does the ice bucket challenge #fyp #manager #footbal #icebucketchallenge #chelsea ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

The element of this challenge was to make people create a 10–15 second video where they would empty a bucket full of ice on them. It’s chilling, literally. 

It created a lot of hype and got the attention of famous influencers and celebrities around the globe, as many of them attempted this challenge to be a part of this flow. 

There are still a lot of videos on TikTok with the hashtag # icebucketchallenge. Challenges typically have a short lifespan, which is why it’s so impressive that this challenge is still in trend. 

 Challenge # 2: Sleepy Day Challenge

 The Sleepy Day challenge caught viewers’ eyes by the Hashtag #sleepyday and got over 4 billion engagements! That’s crazy. 

@mosiah.h i ❤️ sleeping #funny #relatable #fypシ #foryou #sleeping #Day #Night ♬ Lullaby Cradle Song – Wunderkind Classic

It went viral in no time and received tremendous responses from famous personalities worldwide. 

Challenge # 3: Slow Mo Challenge 

 Everyone has got a smartphone with a camera. But if you have the extra feature of shooting great slow-motion shots, then this challenge is for you!

@s0urx_ 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐮𝐧 ☁️☀️ ~~ #sunset#trampoline#slomo#editing#trending#yellowsun#sunset#nature#slomotion#slomochallenge #uwu#fypシ ♬ original sound – user7495560097071

The slow-mo concept is quite famous for TikTok. Whether you are dancing, acting, or doing a wild stunt, a slow-motion frame will definitely make things more interesting for the viewers. 

This challenge includes the hashtag #slowmo, and you can easily join the trend by having it in your posts, causing it to flow down the feeds of others who may search for this popular hashtag.

Challenge # 4: The fake travel challenge 

Have you ever wondered how you can fake traveling on a plane? 

Well, this challenge is all about doing this. 

@wiranurmansyah Teuing 😂 #faketravelchallenge #travelfromhome ♬ origineel geluid – Jeroen Gortworst

Individuals use the hashtag #faketravel to fool their audience into thinking they’re on a plane when, in fact, they’re sitting at home making the video.

If you search for this hashtag, you will find a number of fascinating videos that display the popularity of this challenge. 

However, considering the 2-year long pandemic, it really isn’t a surprise that the fake travel trend would go viral. Right?

How to find trending hashtags on TikTok?

Here are some tips and techniques that will help you find a good hashtag for your content on TikTok.

1. Look for your niche hashtags

For instance, if you plan to showcase your travel skills on TikTok, you need to see what hashtags other travel influencers on TikTok use. 

travel tiktok hashtags

First, you need to target hashtags that are super relevant to your related niche and then go on to other trending TikTok hashtags. 

Niche hashtags create a solid identity hook for your feed, and it is necessary to include them whenever you plan to post your video. 

2. Take a risk to create your own hashtag

Why not? You never know. Your hashtag might become a trending topic in the next few days!

Popular hashtags are great for catching people’s attention, but personalized hashtags help you with your branding, thus increasing brand awareness. 

You can also establish promotional activities centered on the hashtag and urge your followers to include it in their postings. This way, you can make your hashtag famous as more and more users will tend to use it. 

3. Use seasonal hashtags

When the new year was approaching, many famous content creators used the hashtag #newyear and other related hashtags in their posts.  

tiktok seasonal hashtags
tiktok seasonal hashtags

Similarly, you always need to look at the current trends to make your content more visible and relevant to get the highest engagement. 

Since we all know when the next big event is, it’s good to plan ahead and create relevant TikToks beforehand. This way, they are ready to publish just when the season is starting to pick up. 

Isn’t this better rather than posting peak season? By that time, it’s already too saturated, and it gets difficult for your TikTok to be seen by other people. 

Remember! The trend of hashtags is fast-changing, so be sure the hashtags you’re using are still relevant.

4. Use the discovery tab

The Discover tab is the place where TikTok itself tells you all the trending TikTok hashtags in your region at the moment.

tiktok discover tab

You’ll also get to know which songs people are using the most currently, so if you’re looking for ideas to create new TikTok content, the Discover tab can help you out!

List of trending TikTok hashtags

Here is a list of all the top trending TikTok hashtags! You can use these as the primary hashtag and add more related hashtags to strengthen the post. 

  1. #tiktok
  2. #foryoupage
  3. #fyp
  4. #foryou
  5. #viral
  6. #love
  7. #funny
  8. #memes
  9. #followme
  10. #cute
  11. #fun
  12. #music
  13. #happy
  14. #fashion
  15. #follow
  16. #comedy
  17. #featurethis
  18. #featureme
  19. #prank
  20. #15svines
  21. #trending
  22. #1mincomedy
  23. #blooper
  24. #1minaudition
  25. #tiktok4fun
  26. #thisis4u
  27. #loveyoutiktok
  28. #tiktok
  29. #love
  30. #like
  31. #follow
  32. #explore
  33. #meme
  34. #video
  35. #followforfollowback
  36. #dancechallenge
  37. #badboydance
  38. #danceinpublic
  39. #dancekpop
  40. #dancecover
  41. #danceid
  42. #edutokmotivation
  43. #talk
  44. #myvoice
  45. #inspirational
  46. #edutok
  47. #madewithme
  48. #feacherme
  49. #livemorechallenge
  50. #friendshipgoals
  51. #friendshipday
  52. #friendshiplove
  53. #truefriendship
  54. #realfriendship
  55. #internetfriendship
  56. #friendshiptest
  57. #myrecipe
  58. #easyrecipe
  59. #beautychallenge
  60. #homebeautyhacks
  61. #danceforbeauty
  62. #showyourbeauty
  63. #foodrecipe
  64. #mysecretrecipe
  65. #veganrecipe
  66. #tiktokrecipe
  67. #foodislove
  68. #healthyfood
  69. #newrecipe
  70. #videorecipe
  71. #beautyofnature
  72. #unlockbeauty
  73. #beautytt
  74. #beautyblogger

How to use TikTok hashtags effectively?

Don’t restrict yourself to one or two hashtags, as each one can introduce you to a new audience. However, make sure the hashtags you use are of the same theme rather than a random selection. 

TikTok restricts captions to 300 characters. This means you should keep your video descriptions brief and straightforward to include as many hashtags as you want. Some creators use the comments section to add further details about their posts. This frees up the caption space which they can use for hashtags!

tiktok captions

Bonus tip, avoid using single or two-letter hashtags as they won’t have the same popularity. 

Some of you might question if we can add hashtags in the comments section.

The answer is, you can. But it is considered less successful than putting them in the caption. The rule of thumb is to include the most important ones in your caption and then proceed to the comments section to fill in the small details. 

It just takes a little preparation to utilize hashtags to increase your online presence, spread the word about your business, and earn plenty of new followers in no time. 

Trending TikTok hashtags are a game-changer!

So, to sum up, time invested in creating, refining, and promoting hashtags may provide exponential rewards to a TikTok creator. 

Hashtags may help your content stand out, earning you more followers and likes. You need to strengthen your research overtime to find the most popular hashtags for your profile as time goes on. 

We are sure that your content will go viral by using the top trending TikTok hashtags one day! Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you go in the ‘Discover’ tab on TikTok, you can start scrolling and see all the new trending TikTok hashtags at the moment. You can also see your feed and analyze which content or challenge you’re seeing the most. Look at the hashtags those posts have, they are also trending which is why they’re showing up on people’s feed including yours!
Look for trending hashtags in your region or commonly used hashtags by your competitor or other influencers. This way you can target the same audience that they are targeting.
Like all other social media platforms, TikTok also runs on engagement. The higher the engagement a post has, the more TikTok will start showing it to other people. Trending TikTok hashtags play an important role with organic reach as they are more likely to get more engagement since millions of people would be interested in that content.