TikTok πŸ†š YouTube: Which is a better watching platform? πŸ€”

TikTok vs YouTube has been a healthy debate ever since TikTok launched 5 years ago. Some people argue over which platform is the best, while others say there’s an equal balance. In this article we’ll be diving in detail about both platforms, so you can decide which one is going to suit you the best! 

Tiktok vs youtube

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a popular short-form video-sharing platform that lets users create and share clips on exciting and unique subjects. 

The app was created in 2016 by the Chinese technology company ByteDance, and it went viral in no time. 

It got the attention of some of the most famous content creators in the world, who endorsed this app to take entertainment to another level. 

People who use TikTok get a golden chance to express their creative instinct by creating TikToks with their twists to make their content stand out. 

@zachking #lostdog #PetsOfTikTok ♬ original sound – Zach King
zach king tiktok

They can also feature pre-defined clips, mimicking their favorite movie clips or showing their dancing skills to a larger audience. We can frankly say that TikTok is an all-in-one social platform that acts as a gateway for many content producers to showcase what they can do. 

TikTok also became the torchbearer for some of the most viral internet challenges, such as bottle cap, ice bucket, sleepy day, and much more. 

What is YouTube?

Founded in 2005, YouTube is now the leading platform for video content in the world. It’s also the second-most visited site, right after Google!

YouTube was the first platform that introduced the concept of uploading videos to build online communities in the form of subscribers, views, and likes. People could subscribe to a specific channel to be notified or see their content in their feed.

Most viewers go to YouTube to find longer videos that feature live gaming videos, news alerts, ASMR, the latest music, podcasts, sports news, amusing animals, cooking lessons, educational courses, and much more. If you want to watch videos on SEO and keyword research, then make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

In short, if you need to cook a new dish to impress your friends, or you want a quick tutorial on your next language course, YouTube is the place to go.

TikTok vs YouTube: 8 Core Differences!

Let’s compare some of the core features and benefits of both platforms to see which offers the better entertainment package. 

1. Content-Range

This might be one of the primary differences between TikTok vs YouTube. If you open the apps side by side, you will notice TikTok is inclined towards short clips that last around a minute, but YouTube videos generally have no time constraints. 

TikTok has increased the maximum duration of a video to around three minutes recently, but this creates a problem for many users who prefer to stick with short-form content only. 

However, YouTube is used to brand content of any type. You can upload your 30-sec dance video to an hour-long podcast on the same channel with no restrictions at all.

TikTok introduced longer-form content for up to 3 minutes, whereas YouTube introduced YouTube shorts for 60 seconds videos. Wouldn’t you agree that both platforms are trying to be like each other to attract both types of audiences?

2. Audiences

If we talk about the trends today, TikTok has undoubtedly grabbed the market by storm. The platform has managed to attract audiences in no time, especially in the age bracket between 16 and 30 years old. 

TikTok created an opportunity for many young influencers to create content quickly without getting into any hassle. That’s why it surpassed YouTube in popularity. 

TikTok Statistics
Source: Wallaroo Media

On the other hand, YouTube has over 20 billion users, with almost all age groups surfing for their favorite content. Due to this freedom, most people prefer to use YouTube in the long run as it provides an easy way to consume relatable content for all subjects. 

Whether you want to play a soft jingle for your baby or you want to educate your grandfather with the latest news and alerts, YouTube will cater to all your needs. 

3. Income Generation

Most people will ask you if investing time on these platforms will guarantee money.

The answer is: Yes, absolutely!

Content producers have been aiming to make a substantial income through YouTube and TikTok for years now. And they can actually make millions by just producing high-quality content for their channels. This is why they invest so much time in creating content and coming up with new ideas! 

If you are an emerging content creator, then you must learn about YouTube monetization ads and TikTok affiliate links. 

how much do youtubers earn?
Source: Professional Beauty

Most top-tier brands are always on the lookout for potential influencers on YouTube to market their products or services. If you have a strong fanbase of subscribers, businesses will reach out to you to brand their company in front of your audience. In return, this sponsored content will fetch you a handsome amount of money. 

Similarly, companies can sponsor TikTokers to post review videos, brand a specific service, or do unboxings. At the same time, you can also land a sweet deal with a company and be the face of that particular brand for your TikTok audience. 

4. Accessibility

By accessibility, we mean the ease of posting content, keeping in mind the privacy implications. 

On TikTok, it is pretty easy to share content. You just need to upload the video instantly to your account or keep it in your drafts for future use. Once it’s published, your viewers will be able to see what you posted on your feed. 

Likewise, on YouTube, you just need to post your video and wait for the audience’s response. But the catch is, on YouTube, you have the option to make your video Public, Private or Unlisted according to your preference. 

YouTube visibility settings

Both of these platforms work on similar patterns. Thus, providing convenience to customers worldwide.  

5. Copyrights

YouTube employs a severe restriction on music, clips, and photos copied or taken from other sources. The platform usually marks copyright strikes on content that includes any material from genuine sources. 

The music tracks used on YouTube should be copyright-free or used with the consent of the original creator in the form of licenses. 

TikTok gets a slight edge here!

It allows users to upload their own music and use any famous song in the background by popular artists to create their content. On TikTok, there are no restrictions on music and clips. 

6. Watch time

TikTok has now surpassed YouTube in total watch time in most countries. 

This claim, however, may differ depending on where you live.

As we already know, TikTok has made its reputation in the entertainment industry in no time. And because of the platform’s sudden success, most people prefer to watch short videos to consume lively content in a short time.

tiktok vs youtube watch time
Source: Digital Information World

To increase the app’s usage and watch time, YouTube has made it super easy for the viewers to download videos so they can watch them whenever they want. 

7. Quality

On YouTube, you are exposed to high-quality content in 720p, 1080p, 4K, and even 8K in some regions. 

On the contrary, TikTok caters to the younger population with its short videos and simple uploading experience. So anyone with a smartphone camera can create a TikTok channel right away, and the quality will be the same as the other videos uploaded by different creators. 

But if you are super-specific about choosing top-notch production gear, then YouTube is your leading platform. You are sure to watch some extremely high-quality content with next-level cinematics, drone shots, and much more!

8. Content Structure

YouTube is constantly working on its user experience to make the platform as simple to use as possible.

You can now create different segments as playlists on your channels to categorize videos according to their themes. 

Also, you can make a separate list of your watched and unwatched videos to make things look more organized. 

The best part is that you get notifications when your favorite channels upload videos to enhance your user experience.

When it comes to TikTok, you won’t find a clean framework to locate those videos for the future. If you save too many videos, you’ll find yourself scrolling through them all to find the one you are looking for. 

keep scrolling

You also can’t subscribe to other producers and track what they are up to. As a result, you will need to constantly monitor their activities to find relevant content.

Keeping in mind a great, tailored experience, YouTube should be your preferred entertainment platform in your free time. 

TikTok vs YouTube: What to Choose?

Now, who do you think will win the battle here? Is it TikTok? Or do you think YouTube is still hard to beat? Fortunately or unfortunately, there’s no concrete answer to the TikTok vs YouTube debate.

Well, we would say it’s up to you. Yes, as a content creator, you need to think subtly about how you can harness the power of both of these platforms to make a name for yourself. 

We can predict that TikTok will likely become a far more popular video-sharing platform than it is now. 

But the YouTube metaverse is expanding rapidly. It is becoming a one-stop umbrella under which you can find content in any niche. 

So, in our opinion, both of these platforms are winners on their grounds, as they each have a different target audience to satisfy. You get to choose the winner of TikTok vs YouTube based on your priorities and needs! In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both video platforms have their own perks. In some aspects, TikTok is better, while in other, YouTube is better. It all depends on the type of content you want to watch or create, and your personal goals.
When it comes to cost per thousand minutes (CPM), YouTube takes the win here. Many creators have complained about the extremely low CPM of TikTok. In short, YouTube pays more than TikTok. However, there are other income streams as well such as sponsorships, brand edorsements, and PRs, which can be acquired through both platforms.
Both social media platforms are extremely popular. However, in the recent months, TikTok took over YouTube and other platforms like Facebook, and Instagram in popularity.