🔵 X (Twitter) Marketing: How To Ace 🚀 It With Twitter SEO!

Twitter marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its effectiveness in attracting good-quality leads. Since your tweets have the potential to be seen by thousands of people, it’s an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness, boost conversions, and build strong relationships with your customers.  

Twitter marketing benefits

All of these qualities make Twitter an extremely powerful marketing platform that provides free exposure and allows you to broaden your reach and find conversations about your brand.

What is X (Twitter) marketing? 

Twitter has a huge audience, making it an excellent platform for promoting businesses and services aside from sharing content, but what exactly is Twitter Marketing? Twitter marketing is a concept or strategy that involves investing time, money, and work into developing a plan to increase your company’s traffic, engagement, and revenue. 

This gives rise to a new question. Out of all the platforms, why Twitter? Other than the fact that Twitter is free to use, it also allows brands to directly communicate with their customers, an exchange that can be seen by anybody. Informal communications between brands and regular consumers tend to go viral as the public finds it amusing. 

wendy's twitter

This is a marketing tactic that companies often use to attract more Twitter users to their profile, and hence, their brand. 

Now that we’ve covered Twitter marketing to some extent let’s look at some Twitter marketing strategies that can be accomplished with the help of Twitter SEO.

Why X (Twitter) SEO is important for marketing 

Before we dive into marketing strategies, you need to understand the significance of Twitter SEO. For starters, the more SEO optimized your Twitter profile is, the higher it will rank. In other words, it’s more likely for your brand to show up in search results when a relevant query is searched.  

Without SEO, even if the user searches for your name, there is a high possibility your competitors’ profile, which is optimized for Twitter SEO, will show up instead of yours. We don’t want that, right?

optimize Twitter profile for SEO

Now, don’t let all this discourage you because we will tell you all the crucial steps you need to take to optimize your profile for Twitter SEO.

But before we start optimizing, we need to find the best keywords to optimize around. 

How to choose the perfect X (Twitter) keywords

Now, what do we mean by ‘the best’ keyword? What makes it the best? 

In order to determine if the keyword is the right fit for your brand, you should look out for the following things: 

  • Is it popular? 
  • Does it have low competition?
  • Is it still relevant? 

Keyword Tool is Twitter keyword research tool that gives you all this information and much more. It not only suggests hundreds of keywords, but it also shows you their historical data, monthly volume, competition, CPC, and the hashtags related to it.

Twitter keyword tool

Let’s suppose you’re a digital marketing agency and are looking for the keywords that will bring you the most value. Go ahead and input this term in https://keywordtool.io/twitter.

This is what the Keyword Tool Pro subscription returns you:

Twitter keyword research

As you can see, the search has returned multiple keywords along with their search volumes, trend, CPC, and competition. There are some keywords with a negative trend that you probably should avoid as lesser people are searching for those terms on Twitter now.

How to optimize your X (Twitter) profile for SEO

Now that we’ve covered how to choose the best keywords, let’s look at how to SEO optimize your Twitter profile.

1. Keep your username and handle consistent 

Your Twitter handle is how others will find you. Your handle should be your company’s name and possibly contain some part of the keyword that you’re targeting. 

If you have a presence on other social media platforms, then it’s best to use the exact same username for Twitter as well. This will make it easier for people using other social media platforms to find your profile much easily on Twitter. 

Adidas Originals Twitter account

Adidas twitter

Adidas Originals Instagram account

Adidas instagram

One common practice among brands, especially those new to Twitter, is that they often change their username to attract more people. What they fail to realize is that this little experiment causes a lot of confusion among followers, which in turn results in them losing followers but at the same time attracting a different audience. This causes an equilibrium of followers, where they gain followers as fast as they are losing them or sometimes even worse. This tactic rarely ever works, so it’s best not to use it. Instead, use other Twitter marketing strategies to increase followers and discoverability organically. 

2. Introduce your brand in your bio

Your bio should be keyword-rich while giving a brief overview of your brand. Make sure to avoid keyword-stuffing as it may put off some people. The first and foremost thing is to connect with your audience. Even just a high-engagement rate could do wonders for your Twitter presence! 

3. Choose the right profile photo

You want your profile photo to look good because it appears next to every tweet you send. Use your logo, and make sure the dimensions are correct for a clear and sharp image. We suggest using 200*200-pixel quality as they tend to be clear and have the fastest load time.

Twitter profile photo dimension

4. Make use of hashtags

Keyword Tool Pro also suggests multiple relevant Twitter hashtags along with their search volume, trend, and competition so you can choose the best ones. 

You can use 1-2 most relevant hashtags in your bio to make it more visible in the search terms. 

5. Link your website

Always make sure to add a link to your website, landing page, or a specific product you want to sell. If you don’t, you might lose important leads and website traffic. 

optimizing Twitter profile

11 X (Twitter) marketing tips! 

About 211 million people use Twitter each day.

Because of this, Twitter is an excellent platform to use to market your business. However, things move swiftly on the site since there are over 500 million tweets in a single day. Because of this heavy traffic, tweets tend to have very short lifespans, spanning from mere seconds to a few hours. The engagement rate plays a vital role in determining the lifespan of the tweet.

This makes it difficult for your posts to stick and make an impression. You need to step up your game if you want your brand to gain any traction.

To make your tweets truly stand out from the rest, we present you with 11 Twitter marketing tips you can use. 

1. Participate in popular threads

The best example of this is this Twitter thread. Multiple brands, including Nandos, Google, KFC, Dominoes, Heinz, and Krispy Kreme, took part in it. Naturally, the post got a lot of traction, and this prompted multiple brands to jump on the wagon and share their hilarious thoughts on it. 

Brand interactions on Twitter

This tweet alone got 37k retweets and almost 132k likes in a short period of time! So if you see something like this going on, do share your opinion on it and engage with the community, regardless of the niche. 

brands interaction on Twitter

Even the police weighed in on the Weetabix thread!

2. Analyze your X (Twitter) account 

The first step is to assess your Twitter profile. Examine whether your tweets are in line with your marketing objectives, whether your followers are your target demographic, and whether your Twitter brand image is what you want it to be. Use this data to determine what works best for your brand.

3. Make sure to respond to tweets you’re tagged in

People love it when brands engage with them. It encourages other users to interact with your brand, too, so they can get a reply back. This has a substantial positive impact on engagement, which means Twitter shows the post to many people and increases its life as well. 

Social media platforms run on engagement, so if you want to be successful on any of them, make sure to engage, engage, engage! If you don’t have the time to reply, even a retweet will do as well. 

Twitter marketing

4. Analyze what tactics your competitors are using

Another good thing about Twitter is that everything is out in the open. Whatever interactions your competitors are having with people, whether it be getting tagged, retweets, replies, or even like, you can see it. 

Analyze their posts, tone of voice, and how they are interacting with their audience. You might pick up a few good ideas and implement them. 

5. Run fun Twitter polls

Polls are a terrific approach to engaging your audience because they are simple and entertaining. People really like to voice their opinions online.

Polls not only increase engagement, but they also give your customers to voice their valuable feedback and opinions. Poll results can also help you get valuable insight into your customer’s behavior which is an extremely useful thing to know.

Twitter polls

People are also most likely to participate since all it takes is one click, and they are done! Twitter polls drive high engagement rates, so make sure to include them in your Twitter marketing strategy! 

6. Utilize Hashtags for Twitter Marketing

Tweets with relevant hashtags receive nearly TWICE as much engagement and views as those without them.

This does not, however, imply that you should use a ton of hashtags in every tweet. Instead, pay attention to the hashtags you use. Make sure they are relevant and up to date. 

You can check them on Keyword Tool Pro as it will give you all the main information on them. 

Twitter hashtag tool

7. Find the best time to post your tweets

Tweeting around certain times of the day or certain days tends to gain a lot more traction than usual. This usually depends on the time zone of your audience. So do your research to find out the optimal time to post your tweets.

8. Use humor in your tweets

Brands that employ comedy in their tweets get a lot more retweets and followers than those that don’t. This is because adopting humor as a brand’s voice encourages users to return to the Twitter page and share the news with their friends.

Humor also attracts a massive portion of the online community, even those using a different social media website. People simply love a good laugh, and it also makes your brand have a personality. Just make sure to keep it respectable and unbiased so your tweets don’t offend anyone.

9. Post more visual content.

Increase the amount of color and life on your page. You must capture people’s attention as they scroll through your feed. Images and videos are more visually appealing than plain text, videos even more so. 

Cheescake factory

We know it might sound repetitive, but engagement is key to having a successful Twitter presence. And to make your posts more engaging, you must deploy all the tactics that you have so it performs well!  

10. Set Attainable Business Goals

Setting attainable goals and taking the steps necessary to achieve them is one of the most important aspects of Twitter digital marketing.

Setting objectives for follower counts, more interaction, or any measurable goal is acceptable as long as you stick to it and work hard to make it a reality.

Let’s take it one step at a time. 

11. Getting the blue checkmark

Getting your business verified on Twitter can help your audience trust you by letting them know right away that they’re speaking with a legitimate company and that it’s you. People are far more eager to engage with verified people because they are easier to trust.

You’re ready to ace Twitter marketing!

Twitter is one of the most effective ways to raise brand awareness and produce new leads, but it moves faster than any other social media platform. This is why it’s important to use all the Twitter marketing strategies so you can engage your audience as much as possible.

Every company’s and industry’s Twitter marketing plan is going to be different. By following the best practices that we mentioned, you can easily create a noteworthy Twitter presence that supports your company’s objectives and goals. 

Best of luck! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Twitter is projected to reach over 340 million users by 2024, that’s just 2 years away! To have a successful online presence on such a large platform could prove to be crucial for your business. This is the right time to properly invest in Twitter marketing so you can start reaping the rewards.
Go to https://keywordtool.io/twitter, a free Twitter keyword research tool. Here you will find all the relevant keywords and hashtags along with their monthly search volume, competition, and historical data.
Marketing on Twitter is usually done by posting on the platform about your product and interacting with the community. It is used for increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing website traffic.
This depends on the ad campaign that you want to run. It also depends if you turn to influencers for your advertising as they each have their own individual rates. For running Twitter ads to gain followers, each one can cost between 2 to 4 USD. Actions per tweet are much cheaper which starts from 0.5 USD.