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Every business requires healthy leads to thrive. Most marketers brainstorm ideas to develop processes that can assist them in generating leads effectively and, more importantly, passively. For this to happen, you need to have a strong lead generation process in place that is automated.

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People who are genuinely interested in your brand and are ready to buy are considered healthy leads, which can help your business increase sales and ROI. 

Recently, we have seen brands have elevated their game in collecting leads thanks to the emergence of cutting-edge technologies, efficient marketing tools, software, and great social media platforms. 

What is lead generation?

Going by the definition right away, lead generation is a technique used to attract potential customers by capturing their interest. It is an essential part of driving the sales pipeline of a company.

Many top-notch brands use various lead generation tactics such as blogging, social media marketing, email funnels, etc. We’ll talk more about this in detail later. 

how to generate leads

We’ll also be discussing how a lead generation strategy works as you have to be super-specific in choosing the perfect approach for your business that can guarantee you effective leads. 

How to generate leads for businesses

The toughest challenge the marketing and sales team faces is to generate business leads. 

According to a study, B2B marketers employ an average of 13 marketing techniques, with social media being the most popular to generate business leads. That’s insane, Isn’t it?

But don’t worry!

Let us walk through some of the basic techniques that you can use to get good leads.

1. Attract leads from social media 

Ever since coronavirus, almost every business has had an active social media presence from which they successfully generate leads for free. However, in order to ensure your success, it is critical to choose the platform that suits your industry the best. 

social media leads

For example, LinkedIn is a social media platform that can fetch you B2B leads based on your profile and connections. 

Similarly, Facebook provides a plethora of personalization choices for businesses that can be an excellent tool for your team. 

Also, you can use Instagram to create buzz through an attractive online presence. 

But most businesses, on the other hand, do not fully utilize these capabilities and fail to accomplish their targets. 

It’s quite logical to start from here if your business is new, as these social handles are widely used by business owners and professionals who want people to recognize them. 

2. Include pop-ups on your website 

Pop-ups are little windows that appear on website pages when users begin to scroll.

They’re widely regarded as one of the most distracting and contentious methods for attracting clients for lead generation for the business. 

website pop-ups

Pop-ups can be risky to use as they can either improve or degrade your user experience.

So if you’re going to add a pop-up to your website, make sure it offers the user something they won’t want to miss. Some examples of this include a free ebook, guide, or discount codes in return for their email. 

3. Get referrals

Referrals are a great way to get strong leads. 

If someone tried your product and was pleased with it, they are bound to tell their colleagues and friends about it. 

People won’t usually spread word of mouth to individuals who aren’t interested in your product because it will waste their time. Instead, they’ll ask someone they believe possesses the need for your product and who fits the profile of a good lead.

lead generation by referrals

That’s quite amazing because word-of-mouth referral can be a game-changer here. 

For that, you’ll have to ask your consumers for referrals. You can encourage this by having a strong referral program in place that motivates your clients to refer to other potential users.

6 Effective lead generation strategies in 2023

A formidable lead generation plan involves techniques for attracting and converting interested prospects into leads.

Let’s see what strategies you can use to secure high-quality leads. 

1. Blogging

If you own an online business, blogging should be an absolute yes for generating leads for free. 

A blog section on your company’s website provides insightful articles that are updated regularly. If your leads find this content beneficial, they will return to your site on a regular basis.

blogging for leads

If you write specifically about themes relating to your product or service, your visitors will be deemed good leads because they are interested in your blog, which is about your product or service.

You may successfully direct users to sign up and register for your service or product by including links or lead forms in your blog entries. 

2. Include lead magnets 

Lead magnets are irresistible offers that can instantly trigger visitors to vouch for your product or services. 

Most prospects submit their email addresses in exchange for a good lead magnet, such as getting a relevant piece of content, a free consultation, or a trial version. 

Moreover, lead magnets assist your clients in resolving the issue that brought them to your company, as well as assisting you in following up with leads and earning their business.

lead magnets

As you become more familiar with the concept, make sure your social media followers are aware of your lead magnet. It should be prominently displayed on your handles so that when consumers interact with you, they see your offer, and they should see the next step toward partnering with you.

3. Cold outreaching 

It might sound cliche to some people, but yes, Cold outreaching is still very much effective in 2023. 

Writing a cold email to a potential client is still widely used by marketers to gather leads. 

Although some companies avoid cold outreach for fear of being labeled as spammers, it can be the turning point for your sales team if done smartly. 

email marketing

Cold outreach requires researching the businesses that might benefit the most from your product. 

To execute this, you first need to make a database of the emails you’ll be targeting. You may then send out personalized cold emails once you have your email list ready. Customization is crucial, and it can only be accomplished by gathering as much information as possible about your audience. 

Make sure that you’re right for the clients and vice versa. If you want to employ this as your main lead generation strategy, then we suggest sending out at least 20 personalized emails per week to start getting some clients.

4. Hold giveaways 

Even in the B2B world, people enjoy getting free stuff. Hosting competitions and giving away prizes will always intrigue and engage your customers. Make sure to ask for their email to enter the giveaway, so your sales team can follow up with them. 


If you choose a prize that you think your ideal leads would enjoy, they are more likely to enter your contest.

Contests and giveaways are inherently viral and can be executed in no time. This means you’ll be able to create a massive number of leads in a short period of time. After that, you can focus on assessing and ranking your new leads.

5. Offer discounts

You can offer a voucher or discount as a lead magnet on special occasions to convert visitors.

Putting discounts on your pricing is a method that can increase sales volume, attract new clients, and provide you with other benefits. If you’re running any discount campaigns, let your clients know on social media, emails and any other means you have of contacting them.

6. Offer referral rewards 

Initiating well-designed referral programs can provide incredible ROI. 

One of the oldest lead generation marketing tactics is customer referrals. 

referral programs for lead generation

If your product or service has pleased a current customer, ask them to tell their friends about it so they can benefit as well. Customers may do this for free if the quality of your business’s offerings is excellent. You might even offer them some referral incentives like giving your existing customer a percentage off their next monthly bill for each referral they recommend.

Client referrals are a terrific approach to generating additional leads for your business, and they don’t require any extra capital or marketing from your side. You need to give your best to the existing client, and you will see the difference!

Start generating leads the right way! 

Everyone wants to get hundreds of high-quality leads that can turn into long-term customers. To do this, you’ll have to employ some different tactics in capturing and nurturing them. 

Make sure your chosen lead generation strategy is highly suited to your business and industry. Otherwise, it might fail, and you might miss out on some excellent opportunities.

lead generation

Getting a lot of leads is excellent, but you shouldn’t overlook the necessity of getting high-quality leads because they’re more likely to buy your product and proceed further down your sales funnel. 2 high-quality leads are better than 5 average leads as the former’s chances of converting are more significant than the latter. 

Build relationships with your high-quality leads to nurture them. They are the people who will be your customers in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The activity or process of identifying and cultivating new clients for a company’s products or services is known as lead generation.
Lead generation, in the context of digital marketing, is the process by which businesses collect information from prospects such as their name, phone number, company, and job title.
We can use the following methods to generate leads in sales.
– Getting referrals from existing customers.
– Identifying sales leads through network filtering.
– Using social media platforms.
– Creating sales email funnels.
– Writing and posting gated content on your website.
– Connect with visitors on your website using chatbot features.
Here are some of the ways you can adopt to generate leads with Linkedin:
– Expand your connection.
– Build out your lead list through prospecting.
– Create content consistently.
– Join different groups.
– Ask for recommendations from your network.
– Engage with other people.
You can use the following tips to generate leads with Facebook:
– Use Facebook Lead Forms.
– Create attractive and engaging content.
– Use appropriate Call-to-Action (CTA).
– Host online webinars/events.
– Grow your community using public forums.