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What Is Webmaster Tools And What Is It Used For

Google Webmaster Tools is an instrument that helps webmasters to make sure that their websites are crawled and indexed by Google, it allows to discover issues that might prevent a website from doing well on Google search and also provides some statistics on what keywords a website is ranking for.

The instrument called Webmaster Tools was very famous and widely used by webmasters for many years. However, in May 2015 Google has renamed it to Google Search Console. Despite the rebranding, it offers pretty much similar functionality as it did before. Any many people still prefer to use the conventional name for this tool.

After a website is connected to Webmaster Tools, which is a pretty straightforward process. Webmaster can get access to the various reports that Google provides inside the tool. Namely, Search Appearance, Search Traffic, Google Index, and Crawl.

Crawl Section Of Webmaster Tools

Crawl section of Webmaster Tools has a few very useful features. In particular, it allows testing and submitting your sitemaps to Google, testing your robots.txt file and fetching and / or rendering your website as Google. By using these tools, a webmaster can ensure that the site can and will be crawled by Google without any problems.

Google Index Section Of Webmaster Tools

Google Index of Webmaster Tools helps to monitor how many pages of your website are at the moment indexed by Google. You can clearly see the total number of indexed pages, the graph that shows how this number was changing over time and similar graph that depicts the number of URLs blocked from indexing by your robots.txt file. In the Blocked Resources report you can see what were the pages that can't be indexed by Google due to the directions that were set in your robots file.

In Google Index section, you can also find the Content Keywords report, where Google shows which keywords are prevailing on your website and rates them by significance. Using Remove URLs tool, you can see the pages that were removed from Google index automatically. You can re-include removed URLs into Google index using this tool if you wish to.

Search Appearance Section Of Webmaster Tools

Search Appearance is a very useful part of Google Webmaster Tools where you can examine how your website appears on Google search. Here, Google offers you the Data Highlighter tool to highlight the structured data on your website. The structured data is used by Google to better understand the information on your pages. It is also pulled into snippets on Google search results page, which Google might use to display additional information about your website.

In the video below you can see why and how Google is using the structured data on your website.

Search Traffic Section Of Webmaster Tools

The Search Traffic part of Google Search Console might be the most valuable section of the instrument. Links to Your Site report shows a certain amount of links that Google found to your domain. You are able to see the pages that received the biggest amount of inbound links and find the domains that link to your website the most. Using this report you can also see the anchor text that was used the most by the websites that link to you.

In Internal Links report you can see the different pages of your site and the number of internal links that they have received. International Targeting report helps to identify problems, if there are any with hreflang tags on your site. Mobile Usability report discovering issues with the mobile version of your site. Google warns to demote sites that have mobile usability issues on Google search results on mobile devices. Finally, Manual Actions report is used by Google to communicate with you if there were any webspam actions found.

Search Analytics In Google Webmaster Tools For Keyword Insights And Research

Search Analytics report - is an extremely valuable source of information that helps to understand how people find your website on Google. Using this report you can see the pages of your website that received impressions and clicks on Google search during the last 90 days.

Basically, this report gives a fairly comprehensive overview of your website performance on Google. It shows the amount of impressions, clicks, average CTR, and average position on SERP that your pages get. The data can be segmented by the actual pages, search queries, countries and devices.

The report also helps monitoring the performance on the different verticals of Google search, whereby the performance data on Google web, image and video search is provided.

Basically, since Google has stopped providing the precise referral data regarding the keywords that have sent traffic to a website from Google search, Search Analytics report in Google Search console became pretty much the only source of information, where webmasters can get some data about the keywords that send traffic to their sites from Google.

While Search Analytics report definitely is a very valuable source of information about keywords it has many disadvantages. The obvious one is that it only shows the keywords that are already giving you impressions and clicks on Google, while you definitely can look into improving the performance for the provided keywords, you don't get any recommendations on how you can expand the set of keywords you are ranking for.

Another drawback of Search Analytics if that the maximum period of time, you can get data for is 90 days, which makes it difficult to observe the trends in your performance on search over the longer periods of time.

Keyword Tool - Best Alternative To Webmaster Tools For Keyword Research

Unlike Webmaster Tools, Keyword Tool doesn't show you what keywords your website is ranking for on Google at the moment. However, it gives you the opportunity to discover the new keywords that your target audience is using to find information online.

Keyword Tool uses the function of Google Search that suggests search queries while a person types something into the search box. This feature helps people finding information faster, and at the same time present the invaluable source of keyword information for webmasters.

To use Keyword Tool, you can simply put any keyword into the search box and press enter. The instrument will provide you with a comprehensive list of keywords pulled from Google Suggest in seconds. Give Keyword Tool a try right now!