Keyword Tool Pro Case Study: ReGo Marketing ✅

We recently got to interview a loyal Keyword Tool Pro customer, Idan Ben, CEO of ReGo Marketing, about how Keyword Tool has helped his company to achieve their objectives and goals. We get to hear many wonderful customer stories and thought we’d share this with you. 🙂

“Keyword Tool Pro helped me find the hidden opportunities of SUPER competitive niches. I’m using the tool for more than 5 years and it became one of my MUST HAVE tools!”

Idan Ben Or, CEO, ReGo

About ReGo Marketing

Idan Ben Or is the CEO and man behind ReGo Marketing. The company is one of the best SEO agencies in Israel whose customers span 30 countries and speak 25 languages.


Let’s see what Idan Ben had to say about his experience with Keyword Tool Pro.

1. Please tell us a bit about your company. 

ReGo Marketing is one of the biggest SEO agencies in Israel.
We work across the board with more than 25 languages and 30 countries.

2. In your opinion, how important is keyword research for companies with an internet presence today?

Keyword research is probably the most basic and yet most important skill of today’s SEO.
Google’s metrics keep changing all the time, but the one thing that will always be there is the “search term”.

Knowing how your audience is using Google (or any other search engine) can give you a competitive advantage for quick SERP visibility.

3. Can you tell us how Keyword Tool Pro has helped your business?

At ReGo Marketing we invest the first month of every SEO project on in-depth keyword & competitor research.
Since we use we spend significantly less time on trying to find the right keywords and more on creating the perfect content (based on the knowledge we took from

4. What Keyword Tool Pro search engine do you use the most?

GOOGLE BY FAR. No competition yet 😉

5. What’s your favorite feature in Keyword Tool Pro?

We work with a very big variety of projects worldwide.
The ability to find search volume and relevant keywords based on specific locations & language are priceless for us.

6. Could you share a little about your company’s approach to SEO?

We believe that SEO basics are actually giving your audience the best possible content they can get.
We do a very in-depth technical audit but it is not the most important part in most cases.
Defining the perfect article using the data we get from is one of our secrets – very talented editors and brief creators.

7. Does your team have a specific process of doing keyword research?

Yes, but we can not share all our secrets 😉

8. What advice would you give to others who are just starting out with keyword research?

Don’t take keywords as “absolute truth” – try to understand user intent for each keyword and see if google agrees with you when you search for this term (what results do you get? Is it like your targeting page?).

We hope you liked this Keyword Tool Pro case study. It’s always interesting to see how different customers are using Keyword Tool differently, in this case, ReGo marketing uses it for competitor research and keyword analysis.

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