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TikTok is the new ‘it’ place for giving birth to trends that take the digital world by storm. This is because marketers are seeing the platform in a different light as a massive marketing opportunity, thanks to its enormous user base and expanding appeal. But for a new trend to take off, using the right hashtags for TikTok is essential. 

Let’s start from the basics, shall we? 

What are hashtags for TikTok?

You must have seen the # symbol followed by a word or phrase on social media, right? Those are hashtags! Some platforms depend on it extensively, such as Instagram, and others not so much, such as Facebook. However, they still play an important role in getting organic reach and followers. 

TikTok users include hashtags in the descriptions of their videos to help classify their material more appropriately. These hashtags are also clickable and searchable. So if you click on them, you will be directed to a search page with more mesmerizing content related to that hashtag. 

hashtags for tiktok

TikTok has repeatedly proven to be an excellent platform for both companies and influencers. The user base on Tiktok makes versatile content material, from mimicking a video to dancing, showing comedy, or shooting a promo video for a product. And recently, most corporate businesses are also making their page on Tiktok to create funny and witty content. 

If you don’t use hashtags on social platforms, you will miss out on an opportunity to get more followers and reach. 

Why use TikTok Hashtags?

One great feature about hashtags on TikTok is that they may get you far additional engagement and reach than on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. This is because the trend of using hashtags on Tiktok is relatively new, and fewer people are utilizing the feature. 

It can be rightly said that hashtags increase the exposure of your content while also helping people find the content they are looking for. Anyone seeking information on a certain topic or area of interest may simply search for it using a related hashtag.

tiktok hashtag page

Tiktok users can build communities through hashtags by using them in their videos. In this way, they would be able to expand the focus of their content to a much higher audience. 

Moreover, the hashtags will give you insights into what your business competitors are up to. You will be able to see what kind of content they are sharing and what you can do to stand apart. 

Last but not least, TikTok hashtags can help you gain organic followers. If more people discover your content and start getting used to it, they will most likely follow you to know what you will come up with next. 

The TikTok hashtag strategy you need!

See that ‘Add to favorites’ button? That’s how TikTok users are able to follow particular hashtags! This means that you will appear in their feed even if they aren’t following your account!

tiktok hashtag strategy

Even though there isn’t an exact formula for creating your TikTok hashtag strategy, we still have some pointers that will give you a headstart. 

1. Look for related hashtags

When viewing content from creators and rivals in your field, notice which hashtags they use on their most popular posts. Note down the relevant hashtags and insert them in your posts. 

Or you can utilize a TikTok hashtag generation tool to identify trending hashtags related to your field. 

For example: If you are a digital marketing agency, then you must look for related hashtags such as,

#digitalmarketing #marketing #socialmediamarketing #content #design

marketing hashtags

2. Use a mixture of trendy and less competitive hashtags

The benefit of popular hashtags is that many people search for them. However, it also means that there is a lot of competition. 

If you only use popular TikTok hashtags, there might be a chance your content gets pushed to the bottom, as most users would post TikToks using the same hashtag. 

To balance things evenly, we recommend using smaller and less competitive hashtags with popular ones to make things work more efficiently. You can have some hashtags below 50 million and some above a billion to mix it up a little.

tiktok popular holiday hashtags

Once you start ranking for smaller hashtags, you might also begin to rank for the most popular ones! 

3. Follow the trend and use up-to-date hashtags

If you plan to post multiple fun TikToks this Christmas, start creating a list of hashtags related to Christmas or the holiday season in general.

Some of the suggestions can be, #Christmas2021 #HappyChristmas #MerryChristmas 

Similarly, for New Year’s greeting video, you can use, #newyear2023 #happynewyear #newyearfestives

You need to plan out the hashtags series before publishing your video content on TikTok. The hashtag list you created can then be divided into different posts, so every TikTok has a chance to go viral. 

4. Develop your branded hashtags

Since Tiktok is comparatively a new platform for many businesses, it holds significant untapped potential for brands to create trends, like creating hashtags specific to their industry. One very good case study of this is Essie, a nail polish brand that created its hashtag and urged its audience to create content around it.

tiktok brand marketing campaign

The campaign turned out to be very successful as the hashtag had over 9.2 billion views!

You may develop a hashtag for a marketing campaign and use it for any campaign-related TikToks. You can also keep track of all campaign-related material and its performance from the hashtag page.

Moreover, you can also establish a hashtag for a product launch to generate awareness before it even goes on sale. This will create hype among users and look forward to the product. 

Once you have developed your hashtag, you can now encourage your followers to use that by giving them incentives like discounted coupons or vouchers. 

5. Launch Hashtag Challenges

Branded hashtag challenges are another advantage of leveraging hashtags on TikTok. The competition’s theme may be anything, but the objective is that your company is tempting consumers to post anything with your hashtag on it.

These challenges provide companies with a plethora of customized content series related to their brand. 

Like how Chipotle did!

chipotle tiktok marketing campaign

This is also how TikTok trends are created. Many TikTokers then add their twist to it to make the challenge unique. 

6. Use simple wordings in your hashtags

Try to make hashtags with basic spellings that are easy to remember and write. The easier your hashtags look, the more they will be used.

The hashtags should be self-explanatory and concise. It should hit the right mark quickly, as any ambiguity could create confusion, leading to less usage.

How many hashtags can you use on TikTok?

Well, this question is hard to answer.

Although there is no formal restriction to the amount of TikTok hashtags you may use, you can only write a caption of around 300 characters. This number was just bumped recently from 100! This has made many Tiktokers very happy. However, 300 characters is still not a lot to write a long caption which is usually the case with other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

tiktok caption character limit

Since you can’t be liberal with characters, each one should count. This is why you shouldn’t use unnecessary hashtags just for the sake of using them. This creates a practical way of writing a super-specific caption that covers all the relevant hashtags along with your content description. 

You can use up to 33 hashtags in a caption. The catch is to choose only the relevant ones. However, using a lot of hashtags may be redundant and confuse the TikTok algorithm. 3-7 Relevant hashtags are usually more than enough for a single post. 

You can also refer to the TikTok hashtag list you created and use different combinations in rotation to utilize all of them.

Start using hashtags for TikTok immediately

Using TikTok hashtags is an effective strategy that will help you develop a solid social media presence and give several benefits.

You need to identify the trend and see what your competition is doing to get new audiences. 

A little planning in the right direction will help your marketers form new communities that can eventually turn into healthy leads. 

Using hashtags for TikTok can make your video go viral, bringing in an influx of leads. The number of leads might even be more than your imagination. Talk about a successful marketing campaign, right? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, hashtags are an integral part of TikTok marketing. They help users target specific audience from where they can get more engagement.
Look for trending hashtags in your region or commonly used hashtags by your competitor or other influencers. This way you can target the same audience that they are targeting.
You can use upto 33 hashtags on Tiktok. They are often used in the description, but you can also use them in the comments.