The【 Pinterest Marketing Strategy 】You NEED To Follow In 2021 💯

Pinterest was initially meant to be a place that can provide you with endless fruit cake recipes, stunning pictures, colourful knitting projects, and plenty of DIY tasks. However, the tide has since shifted, and people are now using Pinterest marketing to increase brand awareness and get leads for free!

Due to its increasing popularity, Pinterest has become a visual search engine that boasts many photos, links, inspiration, and products.

This means that Pinterest is a marketing goldmine for small to large businesses, bloggers, home-owned businesses, and solopreneurs. 

In this guide, we’ll teach you the best Pinterest SEO tips and strategies that actually work and enable you to increase website traffic, connect with your target audience, and increase sales! Let’s start. 

Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps 

1. Brand your profile

The first step in your Pinterest marketing strategy should be to brand your profile. This allows you to create a face for your brand, which helps you differentiate yourself from others. Let’s see how you can do that. 

  • First things first, set up your profile. This may sound obvious, but many people actually ignore this. Make sure you set it up as a Business Pinterest Account so you’ll have access to analytics, rich pins, and more. 
  • Next, you’ll want to upload a branded profile photo and a keyword-rich bio. We’ll be talking more about how to create a keyword list later in the article. Make sure your bio clearly states what your business or brand is about and isn’t overfilled with keywords, as it will sound unnatural. 
  • Now, you’ll want to customize what would be your showcase boards. This is a great way to advertise your products or service, as these are displayed directly under your profile photo and bio. Just make sure all the board covers are on brand and follow the brand’s theme when it comes to fonts and colours. 
  • Finally, you’ll want to get your website verified. We consider this crucial as it allows you to access your website’s analytics and, above all, allows you to turn on the rich pin feature.

This is how you should set up your business profile on Pinterest to reach as many people as possible. 

2. Determine your content strategy

You’ll need to decide on what kind of content you will be sharing. Since we are dealing with Pinterest marketing, you’d want to keep your pins visually pleasing. We’ll be covering the basic and most popular types of pins for this part.

It may not look like it, but Pinterest is mostly used for shopping purposes, which is why we highly suggest taking beautiful and high-quality photos of your products. This way, you are most certain to attract a crowd just by creating attractive looking pins. Please don’t underestimate the power of attractive pins, as they can make or break your success on Pinterest! 

The blog post graphics are a handy pin type as it allows you to promote your already published articles on your website. These should have appealing photos or graphic designs accompanied by bold text that Pinners can easily read as they scroll through their feed. Make sure the blog title is easily visible and intriguing enough to make the viewer stop scrolling and clicking on your blog link. Many bloggers and businesses have spiked their website traffic by promoting their blogs on Pinterest.

Promoting lead magnets on Pinterest is an excellent marketing strategy for your business. Since lead magnets are already designed to be catchy and attractive, promoting them on Pinterest yields good results. Because lead magnets usually appear in pop-ups as downloadable files, they are not accessible directly through SEO. A user will have to come to your website, and only then will the lead magnet be visible. Pinterest marketing allows you to advertise your lead magnets directly to the people without them having to visit the website!

3. Manage your Pinterest SEO

One of the best Pinterest marketing strategies is to invest your time in Pinterest SEO. By using the right keywords, you can generate a lot of organic traffic and generate leads for free. Let’s see what you can do to up your Pinterest SEO strategy and get your pins to start ranking!

The first step of creating your SEO strategy is curating a list of keywords. The Pinterest auto-complete feature in the search bar can give you a pretty good idea about what people are searching for, so those are the keywords you should be aiming for. 

Another way to recognize good keywords is to analyze your competitors’ profiles and boards. Once you read their bio and go through their boards, it won’t be hard to identify which keywords they are targeting to reach their audience. 

Once you’ve created a keyword list, it’s now time to optimize your Pinterest profile. You need to optimize the following areas for maximum visibility: 

  • Profile title (if possible) and bio
  • Board titles and descriptions
  • Pin title and descriptions

See how the description and title are optimized in the following image? They included multiple keywords without sounding unnatural and forced.

Pinterest can also read the text in the image, so it would be even more helpful if you could include the relevant titles there as well. 

Pinterest SEO is pretty basic right now, so if you do it right, you can start ranking even if your profile is new. 

4. Join Pinterest group boards

If you’re starting new, you might not have many followers, which means your newly published pins will get fewer impressions. The way around this is to join group boards related to your industry. 

If you’ve been using Pinterest for a while, then you know people can either follow profiles and see every pin they publish, or they can just follow a board and see pins from there on their news feeds. 

Group boards are public boards in which other creators can pin their content to. Look for a group board with a large number of followers to reach as many people as possible and increase your impressions. 

You’ll often have to request the admin of the Pinterest group board and follow all the rules and requirements to be accepted and start pinning. 

The Pinterest group board in the following image has over 150 contributors and almost 47,000 followers! The admin also clearly mentions how you can be a contributor to their group board.

5. Keep pinning

One of the best ways to get your brand out there is to keep pinning. Experts suggest pinning 15-25 times a day to get the maximum impressions. Keeping this in mind, here are a few things to consider.

  • Space out your pins. Don’t just start pinning at once. Keep a delay between each of your pins so that different pinners who are active at other times can see your pins on their feed.
  • Pin what works for your brand. The best way to know what works is to consult your analytics and try to capitalize on it.
  • Try to keep your pins interesting with accurate keyword-rich descriptions of your items.

The above mentioned Pinterest marketing strategies have been experimented with extensively and yielded results. You should start to see results within 3-4 weeks of staying consistent with them. 

10 Pinterest Marketing Tips For 2021

1. Choose the Best image size

When it comes to Pinterest, image size matters a lot. Although Pinterest automatically scales your images, it would be better if you did it manually. The best aspect ratio for Pinterest images is 2:3 or 1:3.5, with a minimum width of 600 pixels.

The pins in the image above are some good examples of how you should size your pins. This is because they take up space on the feed while allowing you to add large and bold text to grab the user’s attention at the same time.

2. Use multiple images and videos

Using multiple images increases the value of a single pin as they feature more than one option, which makes it appealing to different users. This tactic works wonderfully, especially when you are trying to present a step by step tutorial of your product. We’d recommend using no more than four images per post. 

It’s always good to add videos in your pins to attract more people since they stand out better than static images.

3. Include words in your images

If you have been using Pinterest for some time, you might have noticed that many images include text which either serves as a headline or a reference to your article. We’d recommend you do this with every pin as many people aimlessly scrolling through their feed ignore plain images, but a few words on the same image could grab their attention.

The following image summarises the above two points perfectly. It contains text you can’t ignore, as well as multiple high-quality images to capture a viewer’s attention.

4. Make use of colours

Colours might look insignificant for your Pinterest marketing, but they actually play a significant role when it comes to broadening your audience. If you want your pins to be attention-grabbing, then use strongly contrasting colours to grab the user’s attention immediately. However, make sure that the dominant colour is light as lightly coloured images are repinned more than dark images.

5. Avoid using borders

As you’ve probably noticed, our previous tips are mostly vision-related. That’s because the more attractive the pin, the bigger the crowd you can draw. This is why we recommended staying clear of using borders for your pins.

6. Include your brand name

Always include your brand name or website in your images and make sure they stand out. We recommend this because of 2 reasons. First, to show your audience that the original creator of the image is none other than you. Second, if someone decides to pirate your image, they won’t be able to get rid of your brand name or logo easily, which indirectly improves your reach.

Notice how the website name is mentioned front and centre in the image? It’s hard to ignore, and even harder to pirate!

7. Contribute to communities

Find popular group boards in your industry and try to stay active in those communities. Although your main goal should be to promote your business, we highly suggest that you keep your advertising to a minimum. The last thing you want to do is come off as spammy which might even get you removed from the board!

8. Tag influencers

Influencers matter on all social media platforms, and this also includes Pinterest. Don’t randomly tag them, as it could be considered spam, and they will probably ignore it. Make sure you have a good reason to pin them, and who knows, if they like what they see, they might share and send a large amount of traffic your way.

9. Link your other social media accounts

Pinterest allows you to link Instagram, Etsy, and Youtube account to your Pinterest account. This way, your followers on Pinterest can also follow you on other social media platforms, which is always a good thing! Moreover, it adds authenticity to your account making people trust you more.

Claim social media accounts on Pinterest

10. Start a contest

Contests on Pinterest can be a fantastic tool when it comes to Pinterest marketing. Since most contest rules include following the creator and repinning the pin to their boards, they are an excellent way of increasing your impressions, followers, and website traffic. 

Ready to jump into Pinterest marketing?

We’ve covered all the basics that you need to create an effective Pinterest marketing strategy that will definitely get you the desired results in a few weeks time. Pinterest is relatively new as a marketing platform, so try to get the most out of it before it gets overcrowded with other businesses!

Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pinterest marketing is when you use Pinterest for your business in order to create brand awareness and get leads from there. Since there are 400 million active users per month, Pinterest is an excellent place to advertise your brand for free. 
Publish high-quality, engaging and valuable keyword-rich pins, so it shows up in Pinterest search results, and user’s news feeds. Make sure to include a link in your pins to direct the user to wherever you want them to go. 
Managing Pinterest SEO is crucial if you want to get more engagement. Pin attractive images with intriguing texts to capture the attention of the user. You can also post multiple pictures in the same post to spend more time on your pin, increasing your engagement. 
Pinterest is one of the more versatile, affordable, and impactful marketing tools for businesses looking to attract more leads, drive traffic to their website, and increase brand awareness. Moreover, Pinterest users have the highest purchase intent of any other social media users, making them an ideal audience to market to.