I Found Shocking Answers To Most Asked Questions At Different Ages

I have 2 older brothers, one which just hit 40 recently. With both of them already married, I can’t help but feel immense pressure coming from my old folks about when it’s my turn to tie the knot. Being in my 30s doesn’t help much either.

It got me thinking, am I the only one questioning myself about my life goals? Do other people turn to Google when faced with self-doubt?

Google Autocomplete gives you suggestions whenever you search for something on Google.

Thankfully, I work at a company which offers a powerful search discovery tool called Keyword Tool, which pulls the most commonly searched terms from Google Autocomplete.

You’ve probably unknowingly used this feature many times. Google Autocomplete happens automatically every time you attempt a search on Google, and gives you the most frequently searched terms in your location.

Keyword Tool is a pure machine when it comes to digging up useful autocomplete suggestions from Google. I decided to use the tool to uncover the most commonly asked questions about my age as well as other generations. To do this, I utilized our Questions Feature, which adds questions words (“what”, “how”, “can” etc,) to my seed search query. In this case, I used “15 year old”, “30 year old” etc. as my seed term to find the most popular questions around the different ages.

The results I found were completely unexpected.

Here are just some of my interpretations of the results.


The most commonly asked questions at about 15 years old were about work. I’m guessing 15 is the age where we are starting our transition into adulthood and want more independence or financial capability to spend on things we love. Perhaps to bring someone on a hot date? Furthermore, the legal working age in most countries is around 15, so I figure most kids can’t wait to bring home some moolah.


These were the most frequently asked questions about 18 years of age. It seems that 18-year-olds want to check into hotels and rent cars. I wonder what the reasons are…


There were fewer questions about 25-year-olds. Perhaps this is the age where we are the most ambitious and confident in ourselves. Interestingly, the most asked question was about having a heart attack.


Ahh, the big ‘3s’. This would probably apply to me the most. It was interesting to observe the type of insecurities a typical 30-year-old face. Also important to note that a lot of the questions revolved around health and beauty. I think for most of us, we experience a lot of physical changes to our bodies when we hit the 30s and so we might have a lot of questions about this topic. Also, people are still trying to figure out what presents to buy people of a certain age.


I saw a similar pattern with the 30-year-olds. Health and beauty. Was also interesting to see an influx of questions about what to wear to a nightclub at 40. Probably something I would be interested in knowing when I’m 40 as well.


You would think that as we approach the golden ages, internet usage and search frequency would be less. It seems this wasn’t the case for 50-year-olds. According to the data, the top questions revolved around sex and pleasing women in bed. Clearly, there was a strong demand for information on rekindling the flames of marriages. There was also a massive jump in search volume by 10-fold compared to the 30-year-old questions.


50 and 60-year-old questions saw a similar pattern. There was a huge demand for knowing the sexual habits of 60-year-olds. As 60 is also the age you get government benefits, there were a few questions on that too.

Here’s a quick summary of everything I’ve found in an infographic:


After looking at some of these search terms, I feel a sense of comfort and connectedness knowing that I’m not the only one who faces insecurities, despite coming from a different background. I guess what is important, is how we overcome these moments of self-doubt and live our life to the fullest every single day.

If you’d like to find out what others are searching for on Google, give Keyword Tool a try!



About The Author

Khai Yong is the Head of Growth at Keyword Tool. As an ex-pharmacist turned digital marketer and enthusiast, he’s deeply passionate about the internet and the impact it brings to peoples’ lives.